How Can Hummer Have 16-Inch Ground Clearance?

You read that right. The GMC Hummer EV is capable of 15.9-inches of ground clearance, but not all of them. At least, not yet. Hummer’s Extract Mode option wasn’t initially available. But in the coming weeks, GM will add it to all Hummers through a free software update. 

What is the Hummer EV “Extract Mode?”

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Hummer’s Extract Mode is essentially an air suspension. The Hummer gains six extra inches of ground clearance with Extract Mode. If the Hummer is stuck, it can be activated to get out of the muck. And you can just engage it while off-road to avoid it happening at all. 

For comparison, remember that Ford’s F-150 Raptor with 37-inch tall tires has a 13.1-inch ground clearance. When Extract Mode is engaged, road angles are 49.7 degrees approach,  32.2 degrees of break-over, and 38.4 degrees of departure. It also increases the water fording level to 32 inches. At its normal height, it is 26 inches of fording ability.

You wouldn’t want to damage the battery enclosure in any way. According to GM, only a hardened steel spike has the ability to stab through the enclosure. Doing so could cost you. Granted, we doubt too many of these pickups will see any off-road action, but some owners will want to try. 

What is the Hummer EV “Watts to Freedom” mode?

Front angle view of silver 2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup, a truck with a 0-60 mph acceleration time of 3 seconds
2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup | GMC

So another novelty function, to go along with crab-walking and Watts to Freedom Mode, will soon be a part of the Hummer’s bag of tricks. You do remember the Watts to Freedom Mode, don’t you? If not, we’ll remind you that it’s essentially like launch control. When activated, it can launch the Hummer from 0 to 60 mph in three seconds. 

After engaging the WTF mode, the Hummer lowers its suspension. After it initializes, the driver seat will begin vibrating. Once the driver straightens the steering wheel and applies the brake, a message on the screen instructs you to “Floor It.” Mash the throttle, then lift up off of the brake, and hold on for dear life. Your 1,000 hp is now unleashed. 

What other modes are standard?

A GMC Hummer EV that can possibly be the Hummer EV in Europe if approved.
GMC Hummer EV | Getty

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The Hummer’s other modes include Drive Mode Control which includes Normal, Tow/Haul, Off-Road and Terrain, and My Mode. My Mode is configurable by adjusting torque distribution, four-wheel steering, ride height, shock damping, throttle maps, brakes, and interior sound enhancements. 

Besides these modes, there is also Adrenaline Mode. This adjusts the truck for a more performance-like configuration. It aids in on-road performance driving if you could call a 10,000 lb truck a “performance vehicle.”

So Extract Mode is coming, to complete the applications GM first advertised for the Hummer EV. We’re sure at some point these features will find their way into both GMC and Chevy EV truck models as well.