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Automakers offer several perks to customers willing to drive electric vehicles. Some offer free charging at various locations, while others offer maintenance programs. Still, some offer to help pay for your home EV charging station. Let’s look at the benefits of driving an EV with each brand.

Free charging for your EV, but not at home

A White car using a Curbside EV Charger. Could this be a home EV charging station?
Curbside EV Charger | Getty Images

Some automakers offer free charging using the Electrify America charging network for a specified time. According to, some of these automakers are:

  • Audi – 3 years
  • BMW – 2 years
  • Ford – 250 kWh (3-5 full charges)
  • Hyundai – 250 kWh (Ioniq 5 comes with two free years)
  • Kia – 1,000 kWh
  • Lucid – 3 years
  • Mercedes-Benz – 2 Years
  • Polestar – 2 years
  • Porsche – 3 years
  • Volkswagen – 3 years
  • Volvo – 250 kWh

Other automakers offer similar charging deals at EVgo’s charging stations. Those offering free charging at these stations are:

  • BMW – $100
  • GM – $500
  • Nissan – $250
  • Toyota – 1 year

A few automakers don’t offer free charging at all. Those brands are:

  • Jaguar
  • Jeep (Working with Electrify America and may offer free charging in the future)
  • Mini
  • Rivian
  • Tesla

Do any automakers subside the cost of your home EV charging station?

Woman Plugging In Her EV at Home
Woman Plugging In Her EV at Home | Shutterstock Images

While it’s great to see so many automakers offering free charging at various stations, we want to know whether or not any help you pay for your home charger. Currently, there are three ways to enjoy discounted rates for installing a charging station in your home.


GM is subsidizing the installation cost of at-home Level 2 charging stations. Buyers can select this instead of the free charging if desired.


Customers can either enjoy $500 of free charging per year at ChargePoint chargers or put that money toward installing an at-home charging station.


Kia offers the sweetest deal. Reservation holders of the EV6 can enjoy a free at-home Level 2 charging station. Kia picks up the entire cost to charge this SUV.

Do new electric cars come with home chargers?

An electrical outlet inside an empty warehouse.
An electrical outlet inside an empty warehouse | Chad Davis via Wiki Commons

Technically, all electric vehicles come with home charging capabilities. You can plug your vehicle into a regular 120-volt outlet and wait a long time for your car to charge. If you don’t drive every day, that’s not a bad idea, but if you do, you’ll need a Level 2 charger. The slowest way to charge an EV is with a regular wall plug in your home.

Does installing an EV charger increase home value?

According to Rivervale Leasing, home prices in the UK increased after owners installed a home EV charging station. As the number of electric vehicles grows in America, we should see a similar increase in home values.

Which Electric vehicles include free road-trip fast charging?

The free charging perks for EVs do not specify road trip charging versus typical commuting. The Electrify America network is currently the most widespread and has more automakers offering free charging sessions than others. If you know you like to take road trips, this could be something you should consider when buying an EV.

Can you find free EV charging stations?

Volta Charger placed near business allowing users free charging time
Volta Charger | Volta

Other than the complimentary charging you get from automakers, there aren’t many free options to charge your electric vehicle. According to, another option for electric charging is the Volta and ChargePoint networks. These two networks offer free charging at EV stations. They are paid for by advertisers who buy time on the large screens installed at the chargers. Don’t expect this to be a long-term deal, but it could get you some free charging for now.

Should you install a home EV charging station?

Even though it can cost thousands of dollars to install a home charger, the cost can easily be worth it in the long run. Your home value will increase, you have the convenience of charging overnight at home, and you don’t have to search for charging stations in your area. EVs are the future of driving, and charging them is a necessary to keep them on the road.

Next, learn about the costs of installing a home EV charging station.


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