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Motorcycle injuries are becoming more commonplace as the number of units entering the market rise and more problems with the cycles happen. While deaths from riding motorcycles have increased, so have safety recalls, some of which caused the fatalities. One such recall showed up from Can-Am, and the company warned it could be severe. 

Why the recall is so serious

A silver Can-Am Spyder.
Can-Am Spyder | Getty Images

Can-Am motorcycles have been known to have problems with rear shocks, brakes, and the transmission. However, recently, the list has added the handlebar system. 

The company issued the recall after becoming aware that a stem bolt located in the handlebar system had the potential to break, according to Fox Business. It can also happen without any warning as well. 

The company recommends owners not ride their Ryker bikes until the repair has been made. Otherwise, you risk losing control of the motorcycle and possibly getting involved in a serious accident. 

Approximately 9,000 2022 Ryker cycle models are believed to have this defect. The problem came to the company’s attention after 56 bolts broke while dealers installed the handlebar system. Two incidents occurred while the bike was being ridden—one of those caused an accident that resulted in a sprained ankle. Can-Am motorcycles also have rear shocks, brakes, and transmission problems. 

What can you do about it?

You should receive a recall notice explaining what to do, but if you feel you own one of the affected bikes, you can contact a local dealer and see if your model is involved. If you have the NHTSA smartphone app, you could be notified that way.

If your model is affected, you will need to stop riding it and set up an appointment with the dealer to repair the problem. The service department will clean the threads on the bike’s steering column, and the repair technician will replace the bolt with a newer one at no cost. The fix should take less than one hour to do. 

Bombardier Recreational Products, which owns Can-Am, requests that if you need to tow the motorcycle to the dealership for repairs, you should call their roadside assistance number. You can contact them at 1-866-477-1415, according to Can-Am’s website.

What is the Can-Am Ryker?

Can-Am’s website shows three models of the Ryker to choose from. You can select either the 600 or the 900 ACE engine. The 600 cc version offers two cylinders that can generate 50 hp, while the 900 cc has three cylinders and can produce 82 hp. A CVT that will bring smooth shifting for a twist-and-go system is paired with each motor. 

Regarding safety, the Ryker base model offers stability control, anti-lock brakes, traction, and hill hold control. The bike also has valuable amenities, such as a glove box, dual USB ports, a waterproof seat, and LED lights integrated into the front fender with two halogen headlights. The price for this bike starts at $8,999. 

Upgrading to the Sport trim will add riding modes, including Sport, Eco, and Cruise Control modes. You’ll also get a sport-styled seat, a full rear fender, a MAX mount structure for passenger accessories, a KYB/HPG shock in the rear suspension system, and sport styling touches. You can expect to pay around $11,599 to start. 

The highest version available is the Ryker Rally, which has a price tag of $13,499. With this model, you get reinforced rims, a large aluminum skid plate, front grille protection, air intake with pre-filter, and structural hand guards. It also has specialized Rally tires, riding mode, seat, handlebar, and mud flaps. 

If you own a 2022 Ryker, check with your local dealer to see if your model is affected by the safety recall. Until you find out, refrain from riding it until the service department can make the proper repair. 


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