Do Camper Vans Have a Bathroom?

Finding places to camp out can get difficult with huge RVs or motorhomes. Due to their size, you have to search to find an area to maneuver your large camper in. However, camper vans don’t have that problem. They’re smaller than most motorhomes. You can park in big parking lots and other designated public spaces for free as well. 

Some camper vans come with bathrooms installed. The Fleetwood RV Irok Lounge has a facility included in their blueprints, which is 21 feet in length. There’s also the Nugget Plus High Roof, which is a little over 17 feet in length. According to RVing Know How, some models will have a toilet while others have a shower and toilet combo. Is it worth having a bathroom in your camper, though?

The camper van life and using the facilities

A camper van sits in a desert style area with a red chair sitting next to a campfire that recently went out.
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A camper van is a great way to go on an extended trip without hauling a huge RV or heavy trailer behind you. Instead, you take a van that’s set up as a camper on the inside. You can pull over in a safe spot along the way and camp out for the night. You can easily head out again the next morning if you want to. Some celebs live out of their camper vans

Since this type of camper is much smaller than what you often see in campgrounds, there isn’t as much room for all the items you would love to have for a camping trip. A bathroom is one of them. You don’t often see them in these kinds of vans, but it’s not like it can’t be done. There are a few different options for those wanting to use the facilities while they’re on the road. 

Using a wet bathroom

A wet bathroom is an all-in-one unit. The shower, toilet, and sink are contained in one small space made with waterproof materials. Every time you take a shower, everything in that room gets wet. According to The Wanderful, this is the most popular option.

People choose it because they get privacy while they use the facility, and it helps them avoid having to drive around looking for a gas station or restaurant to use the bathroom. It’s also easy to use and can be set up or accessed at a moment’s notice. 

The biggest drawback with this option is that it can take up quite a bit of space in the van. You also have to be careful with the materials you use to decorate it. A tiled wall can look really nice, but it could add an extra 100 lbs to the vehicle’s weight. 

Installing a hidden bathroom to save space in the van camper

This option is for vans that need to save some space on the inside. Instead of a room containing everything, you can install a hidden cupboard, drawers, or trap doors that open up and let a shower or toilet out. 

This area can save quite a bit of space in the interior, and it keeps the facilities out of sight for when you have a friend or two stop and visit. Oftentimes, people won’t even notice that you have a bathroom in the van until you show them. 

However, it’s not without its drawbacks as well. With a hidden bathroom, you won’t have as much privacy as you would with a dedicated room. It also requires you to set it up each time you want to use it. While that may not bother you, some people dislike it for that reason. 

Going with no bathroom in the camper van


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This can be a great option if you want to save some money or put it to other uses instead. You can add more storage cupboards or closets in place of a bathroom. 

The problem with this option is that you need to rely on other avenues to get a shower or to use the toilet. That means that your trips will have to be planned to find places with a bathroom to use. 

Having a bathroom in a camper van is a good option for those who value convenience and are willing to take on the cost of installing one. If you’re bothered by smells or don’t want to give up needed space, you might want to pass on the idea of a facility and use the money for something else.