Camera Viewpoint Inside Tire Shows Moment of Explosion

Smoking the tires in a burnout is fun, totally wasteful, and childish. But did I mention it was fun? It is also fun. The problem with burnouts is that they reduce the longevity of the tires. We have all seen the smoky burnouts at one time or another, and the resulting small chunks of tire or residue left behind. But, have you ever seen a burnout until the tire explodes? Okay, maybe you have. But, have you seen that blowout occur from the vantage point of a camera inside that tire? A Youtube channel recently filmed exactly that.

Youtube stunt was requested by viewers.

A worn tire has a large hole in it from a blowout.
A worn tire has a large hole in it from a blowout. | Warped Perception via Youtube

A Youtube host with the channel called, Warped Perception, was recently asked by his subscribers to film a tire explosion from the inside of the tire. So, he mounted the popular GoPro camera platform on the wheel inside the tire and proceeded to film what would happen. Not surprisingly, after a long burnout, the tire exploded. Very surprisingly, the camera inside caught the moment without itself being shredded apart. The moment has been shared on Youtube, of course.

Tire-shredding Mercedes-Benz

There are parts of the video in satisfying slow motion. You can see the tire, which is mounted to a Mercedes-Benz, start to separate. The steel bands and rubber are also clearly seen shredding apart pretty quickly. A mess of melted tire rubber became present. But, the end result was exactly what was hoped for. The tire exploded, and it was caught on film, from the inside. The video is below, and you might find yourself replaying it.  

It took more than one try to film this for Youtube

The camera survived to share its footage. However, that is only partially true. The end of the video reveals that there were two attempts to show the tire explosion from the inside. The first attempt was successful in blowing the tire. Unfortunately, however, the original camera met its demise in the attempt. The Youtuber reveals that the first camera was actually ejected from the tire carcass while the driver was still on the gas pedal. The case, camera, and memory card were all pretty well damaged and the recording was unrecoverable from that attempt. 

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Tire blowouts can be dangerous

Tire blowouts are fun in a burnout setting. However, they can still be dangerous. In fact, any tire blowout can cause damage or injury. So, it is good to be mindful of the condition of the tires on the family fleet. Shredding hot material can fly anywhere. If a blowout occurs in a shop or while the vehicle is in motion, it can even be deadly.

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Cameras are everywhere, but this was creative

In this day and age, where cameras are everywhere, it is pretty creative for this Youtube host to put a camera inside a tire. It is a vantage point that is not exactly at the top of many people’s minds. But, the footage is none-the-less mesmerizing. Now, Big Brother really is everywhere, including inside a tire. Maybe the hose is trying to get a Goodyear sponsorship out of this.