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The Honda Civic Si. It’s a pretty cool sports sedan, but it’s not $42,694 cool. Well, a California dealer clearly disagrees since he has marked a 2022 Honda Civic Si up to that exact number. Hell, the coolest part of the Honda Civic Si is that it is a quick (for the price) but AFFORDABLE car. It’s now slow for the price when you take out that second part, and still a Honda. I love Hondas, but they aren’t exactly a flex brand. 

The rear 3/4 view of an orange 2022 Honda Civic Si in a garage
2022 Honda Civic Si | Honda

How much does a 2022 Honda Civic Si cost? 

The 2022 Honda Civic Si MSRP is $27,300. As CarScoops pointed out, that means this dealer has marked the economy sports car up by $15,394, which is just over 1.5x the retail price. As CarScoops points out, we have seen these kinds of markups over the past year because of the increased demand and decreased supply. This is 9th-grade econ all over again. 

It was one thing to watch giant work trucks get marked up, or even the new Ford Bronco getting whisked away in the hysteria of limited supply. But the Honda Civic? No. That’s too far. Even though the Si is a slightly juiced-up version, it’s still just a Civic. 

Is the 2022 Honda Civic Si a good car? 

The red-and-black front seats and dashboard of an orange 2022 Honda Civic Si
2022 Honda Civic Si front interior | Honda

As much as we don’t want to add fuel to the fire, the 2022 Honda Civic Si has heard nary a cross word about itself. From car journos to customers, people love the Honda Civic Si. This dealer is so proud of a 2022 Honda Civic Si in Grey Pearl with standard black wheels. While the interior may look fancy, the black and red motif is the only option for the Si. 

The Civic Si is powered by a peppy little turbocharged 1.5-liter sending all 200 horses and 197 torques to the front wheels via a six-speed manual transmission. 

In the Car and Driver review of Civic Si, the testers all noticed (and loved) the shifter’s short throws. Although there was some “coarseness” in the engine in the higher revs, the overall experience was still one of crispness and agility. Although most Si drivers will likely fancy themselves racers, the Si has a friendly rev-matching feature that allows tighter shifts for those who haven’t mastered the technique yet. 

As tested by C&D, the Civic Si did a 60-mph sprint in only 6.88 seconds. That’s not bad for a car that is supposed to cost under $30k. However, when you apply all those specs to a car that costs $42,xxx, all of a sudden, it becomes a bit less impressive. 

How does this overpriced Honda Civic Si compare to other $40k+ cars? 

Not well. Instead of spending $42,000 on a Civic Si, you could get a 2022 BMW 3 series, 2022 Audi A4, 2022 Volkswagen Golf R, and the list goes on. There is not a single reason to spend that kind of money on Honda Civic. It simply can’t hang with other cars in that price range. 

Dealers are fighting hard in this strange market

On the one hand, you can’t blame the Honda Dealer for squeezing as much juice from every product, especially when the products are limited. On the other hand, many people are worried that dealers won’t want to readjust prices back to MSRP once things go back to normal. It’s the idea that once you’ve opened the box, you can’t unopen it. 

Well, either way, it is our humble opinion that you shouldn’t pay $42,000 for a Honda Civic Si. There are just too many other, better cars in the price range.


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