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The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was a very coveted car with an extremely limited run. Because of this, Dodge dealers had to meet a variety of qualifications to be able to sell them. Dodge worked hard to make sure that their independent dealers weren’t selling the cars for way more than they were worth, either. Yet somehow, a California dealer has 16 Dodge Demons for sale now – and he wants double what they were worth.

A red 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon against an orange setting sun.
2018 Dodge Challenger Demon | Dodge

What is the Dodge Demon all about?

The 2018 Dodge Demon is a Challenger that was built to be used at the race track. It’s capable of 808 horsepower with regular fuel, and an astonishing 840 horsepower with race fuel. As you might imagine, handing out (or selling for tens of thousands of dollars) a car capable of that much horsepower didn’t come without concerns by Dodge. That’s why they made any dealer who sold a Dodge Challenger Demon, and any person who bought one, sign something saying they knew what they were doing and they would be safe with their car.

Dodge only made a total of 3,300 Demons. 3,000 were sold in the U.S., and another 300 in Canada. They cost $84,995, and had options that were $1 each. Some of these included packages to make the Demon race-ready. This commitment to offering quality for a low price demonstrates Dodge’s feeling on the Demon. It also clues us in to how they wanted to see the Demon sold.

What restrictions did Dodge put on dealers?

Dodge didn’t want dealers taking advantage of the fact there were only 3,300 Dodge Challenger Demons available, and hiking up the price on them. To prevent that from happening, they prioritized dealers who would sell the Demons at or below MSRP.

In order to be able to sell a 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon, a Dodge dealer had to have sold a Charger or Challenger Hellcat within the last year. That document that the dealer and Demon buyer had to sign acknowledging the safety risks of what amounts to a street-legal race car included the price that the dealer and buyer had agreed upon. This allowed Dodge to keep track of what dealers were selling the Dodge Demons for.

Who’s this dealer with 16 brand new Dodge Challenger Demons?

A writer for Jalopnik, Lawrence Hodge, said that when he has some downtime, he likes to cruise the internet for weird car stuff. He added that while he usually doesn’t share most things he finds, he couldn’t resist sharing this story. 

Hodge found a Dodge dealer in Huntington Beach with 16 zero-mile 2018 Dodge Challenger Demons for sale. This is incredible, since some dealers didn’t get any, and most only got one. The typical dealer who can get their hands on a Demon now can only get them with miles on the odometer – there’s even one with just twelve miles. So this dealer getting 16 cars all with zero miles on them is quite a feat. 

The sales manager at the Huntington Beach Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership said that the Demons were priced at $200,000 each – more than double the $85,000 MSRP they were listed at when they were new. That same sales manager also told Hodge that the dealer was letting them go because of the national car shortage. How altruistic of them.

So a California dealer has 16 Dodge Demons for sale, so what? Perhaps though, $200,000 is not an insane price for a car that three years ago cost just 42% of today’s price. The going rate for the Challenger Demon regularly hits six figures. Some people are even selling them for half a million dollars. I suppose if you really, really want a 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon, your options are as limited as their initial run. 


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