Cadillac Technology Is Among the Best, According to J.D. Power

Cadillac‘s set many high standards in its 118 years on the road. From the 1903 Model A’s interchangeable pistons, the 1929 Syntho-Mesh transmission, and today’s luxury night vision, Cadillac continues to innovate and define technological trends. This luxury brand tops among the top scorers on the J.D. Power Index. Cadillac was the only domestic brand in the top 10.

What’s the J.D. Power Index?

Despite the J.D. Power U.S. Tech Experience Index (TXI) Study debuting just five years ago, the Index has already been redesigned to focus on technology as it hits the market and the user experience. What hasn’t changed is that it calculates owners’ opinions about the new vehicles that they’ve owned for at least three months.

The Power Index covers 34 technologies in the premium and mass market place, prioritized by their advancement and innovation level. The Index is further divided into convenience; emerging automation; energy and sustainability; and finally, infotainment and connectivity. It’s one of three studies that survey experience; auto performance, execution and layout; and initial quality.

According to J.D. Power, the Power Index ranking’s 1000-point scale isn’t statistically significant, but subjective–meaning that the calculations are based on vehicle owners’ personal experiences. The TXI study focuses on the owners’ experience with the new technology in their vehicles and any problems that they may have encountered during that first three months.

Cadillac ranked third in the premium market with 577 points after number one Volvo and number two BMW. The TXI study fielded 82,527 new owners between February and May 2020. New technology and safety was cited as being driving force behind new vehicle purchases. 

The Power Index gives manufacturers a heads up regarding what kind of technology attracts new car buyers and any issues with advanced technology. Buyers want intuitive, reliable technology, so the Power Index serves as a launch board to fix them before applying that technology across the board.

Why did Cadillac place third on the J.D. Power Index?


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Cadillac went three for three in the advanced technology awards for convenience, emerging automation, and infotainment and connectivity. The Cadillac CT5 sedan rolled in first for convenience with its rear seat reminder technology. The Escalade won for its emerging automation, rear-cross training warning system. The Cadillac XT5 Compact SUV is connected with its live traffic navigation infotainment package. Aside from the premium power index, Cadillac also ranked third in the luxury only study.

So why didn’t Cadillac place first in the TXI study? Volvo ranked first with 617 points with most of its technology centering around safety features like Oncoming Lane Mitigation and parking assistance features. BMW came in a not so distant second with 583 points. All three luxury brands find that the best technology serves to advance safety. Infotainment was important, but not tops on the list.

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Cadillac features updated and newer technology on every trim. On the Escalade, for instance, the rear-cross tracking warning system lets you know if there’s a vehicle in your crosshairs, but it won’t apply the brakes for you. Other safety features include Surround Vision, lane change, including blind zone alert and rear camera mirror. Some of the TXI 2020 features include being creative with camera views. 

Everyone likes another set of eyes. On the flip side, gesture control ranked lowest. Tech and safety features operate in real-time, living on the edge of the Internet of Things, allowing brands like Cadillac to use advanced technology to lead owners to innovation that revolutionizes the premium and luxury auto industry.