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Two great things are happening right now in endurance racing. The World Endurance Championship is picking up both new teams and manufacturers. And Cadillac is jumping back into it starting in 2023. It’s developing an LMDh prototype race car now. 

Cadillac is building the race car for the LMDh prototype hybrid class 

Cadillac LMDh prototype
Cadillac LMDh prototype | GM

The LMDh class is LeMans/Daytona hypercars. Now, these prototypes will be able to race across IMSA-, ACO-, and FIA-sanctioned races. With this new class starting in 2023 a new group of manufacturers is signing up including Cadillac.

Called the Cadillac LMDh-V.R, it is a co-production of both Cadillac and Dallara Racing Chassis.  This is the second pairing of the two companies. Together, they fielded cars that won IMSA in 2017 and 2018.

BMW, Acura, Audi, and Porsche have all signed on. Lamborghini is rumored to be readying a car also. And beyond Lambo, more are expected to join in. 

The LMDh class means unique bodies and engines which should enthuse fans

Cadillac's LMDh prototype concept for 2023
Cadillac’s LMDh prototype concept for 2023 | GM

So, what is the LMDh class? A standard chassis and spec hybrid power setup are used throughout the series. But engines and bodywork can be unique. This is great because it will give fans something to root for, and a visual to identify with. 

Chip Ganassi Racing and Action Express Racing have been chosen for the Cadillac teams. Besides the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, the cars can run the World Endurance Championship and 24 Hours of LeMans.

In the past, the expense and manpower to run differently-configured cars for different prototype sanctioning bodies were too much. Manufacturers started dropping out one by one. Now, a single car can run any of these three sanctioning body races. 

With no spec engines, Cadillac is cooking up something all-new

Cadillac's LeMans prototype V8 engine from 2017
Cadillac’s LeMans prototype V8 engine from 2017 | GM

Cadillac is working on a mystery engine for the cars. The minimum weight is a hair over 2,270 lbs. Maximum power is capped at 670 hp. The electric motor makes 67 hp and the rest is up to Cadillac’s ingenuity. It will be a combined effort of GM design, Ganassi, and Dallara, so the finished product should be a contender out of the gate. 

We love these first images of what the car might look like. If it comes close to this it will be fun to watch and root for. We can’t wait.