Cadillac Is Listening: Next CT5-V Gets A 640hp V8

The Cadillac CTS-V was getting traction both with its name and reputation. The alphabet-soup mumbo jumbo model identification Cadillac saddled itself with had little meaning to the public. Except, that is, with CTS-V. Its power and performance were finally putting actions to words that Cadillac finally was close to equal footing to its Euro-mates. Its replacement is the 2020 CT5-V, but is it a worthy replacement?

Then Cadillac blew it. In designing an entirely new CTS sedan it slapped a “V” onto the CT5 sedan. The new V6-powered CT5-V was nothing like its predecessor. Especially, with only 355 hp. Why do brands under the GM umbrella always end up shooting themselves in the foot? 

Rumors say the next CT5-V gets the 6.2-liter LT4 V8

The first-ever CT5-V builds on the precision-focused details of the all-new luxury sedan introduced earlier this year to offer elevated road performance and engaging driving experience.

But, now it seems that Cadillac isn’t going to double down on its half-assed sleight of hand. Rumors are that the next CT5-V will have the previous version’s 6.2-liter supercharged V8. 

It was originally thought that Cadillac would poke a twin-turbocharged Blackwing V8 into the V. That would have given it not quite an additional 200 hp. But, Cadillac is finding the Blackwing won’t fit. So, next up is the V’s predecessor, the 6.2-liter LT4 with 640hp. That would almost double the current V’s output. 

When you see the two engines one is definitely taller and wider

The first-ever CT5-V builds on the precision-focused details of the all-new luxury sedan introduced earlier this year to offer elevated road performance and engaging driving experience.

When you look at the two engines you will see a difference. With the Blackwing being double-overhead-cam design it’s both wider and taller than a more conventional pushrod engine. Those Macpherson struts cant way into the engine bay on the 2020 CT5. This may also be why the Blackwing has only made it into the CT6 and CT6-V. Both of these models are no longer made.

Cadillac for its part is keeping mum, as is their mandate for info on future products. If the LT4 does make it into the 2020 V we don’t know whether it will be throttled back or actually see an increase in its already heady 640hp.

The confusing CT5 release hinted at better CT5-V versions to come

The CT5 Premium Luxury showcases Cadillac’s unique expertise in crafting American performance sedans, with details designed to elevate every drive.

When the CT5 was first released Cadillac said that the V it was showing was only a “mild” version. It said a more powerful version was slated for production in 2020. At the time the likely powertrain was the Blackwing. Then Cadillac said it would not be using the Blackwing engine “due to Cadillac cost-cutting.”

Once it was determined the Omega platform would not be the basis for the CT5 all bets were off. This was also the reason for killing the XT6. Then, Cadillac announced the new Escalade would also not see the Blackwing engine. 

We like the CT5’s fastback profile and now we’ll like it even more

Cadillac CT5’s Super Cruise technology will be available in 2020 on select models.

We like the styling of the CT5 with its fastback roof and squinty headlights. It is shorter than its predecessor but has a longer wheelbase. That’s the right direction in our book. Severe overhangs have plagued Cadillacs for years, though it does a good job of visually hiding it. 

Interiors are upscale with wood accents and a 10-inch infotainment screen controlled by either voice commands or a rotary controller. Besides the heated and ventilated seats, they also have a massage function. Don‘t fall asleep at the wheel!

The news lately from Cadillac has not always been good. That’s why it is great knowing the next V model will have something under the hood that speaks to its heritage. For Cadillac to succeed with a competitive sedan against its Euro competition it needs to excel everywhere. The LT4 is a great start toward that goal.