Cadillac Is Introducing a Bougie New Roof-Rack System That Could Change Everything

Roof racks are cool. Full stop. You can attach all manner of gear to them; luggage, kayaks, bikes, skis/snowboards, a spare wheel, an axe, or really anything you want. They have also become part of the look for the adventure going vehicles like 4×4 SUVs and basically any Subaru. As we might have expected, Cadillac is too good for roof racks. Yep. Cadillac doesn’t currently offer sedan with a roof rack or rails. However, it is now offering an accessory that might assuage the roof-rack pangs. 

Do Cadillac Sedans have a roof rack? 

As we say back home in Alabama, “they got a sorta’ one,” meaning Cadillac still doesn’t offer a roof rack on sedans, but it has offered something kind of similar. In the Cadillac accessory store, there is a suction-cup system by SeaSucker that sticks to the roof of your Cadillac (or anything really) that can hold a bike

The SeaSucker is a roof rack replacement for Cadillac
The SeaSucker is a roof rack replacement | SeaSucker

GM Authority reports, the SeaSucker Talon carrier system is capable of holding a single bike. The suction cups stick on the car’s roof and have a groove in each to hold a tire. The SeaSucker Talon will run you about $300 bucks. But what if you have two bikes? Never fear, Seaucker also offers the Mini Bomber that can hold two bikes, and that piece of kit will run $489. Both pairs of suction cups can hold up 45 lbs. 

How secure are these suction cups? 

SeaSucker might not appreciate the use of the term “suction cup.” They say the key to the roof-rack replacement is the use of “vacuum cups.” Each piece is home to three to four cups, depending on which set you get. 

The SeaSucker is a roof rack replacement for Cadillac
The SeaSucker is a roof rack replacement | SeaSucker

The way it works is, unlike a normal suction cup that just sticks to the roof, these actually use a pump that forces air out of the cup and creates a tighter hold to the surface it is stuck to. This is actually some pretty seriously heady science. SeaSucker says that even though there is no mechanical connection, the pressure of the earth’s atmosphere (without any air in between the piece and the roof) is enough to keep them well in place. The weight of the earth’s atmosphere? That sounds exactly like something Cadillac would implement. What’s wrong with good ol’ rope, man?

What else does SeaSucker make?

Although Cadillac is only offering these two items, SeaSucker makes a much broader range of gear. Like any good roof rack replacement, SeaSucker makes holders for skis, snowboards, paddleboards, and even pieces of tech equipment such as tablets, GoPros, or phones.


What Are the Best Roof Racks for Your Car?

The SeaSucker gear won’t look as cool or tough as a roof rack, but it does have some benefits. I assume Caddilac’s favorite part is that they don’t have to be drilled into the roof as a permanent fixture. This can lead to problems down the road, like rust and leaks if the rails are installed improperly. Secondly, they are lighter and removable. If you are someone who likes a bit of spirited driving, the extra 100 pounds of rails and rack can be felt. Lastly, the wind noise of an empty rack can be a bit grating. The ability to take the SeaSuckers off when you don’t need them could be a welcomed reprieve from that incessant whirring. 

Ok, they are practical but don’t think Cadillac is getting off the hook

I see you, Cadillac. You are too fancy to be seen “carrying” stuff. That is plebian, and Cadillac owners don’t do that. Smh. I say give the Cadillac folks a taste of the adventurous life and let them carry their own skis. It looks cool, guys. You’ll love it!