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Cadillac’s luxury sedan, the CT6 lived a short but meaningful life. It helped fill the void when the late, the great, CTS-V ascended to the pearly gates in 2019. Sadly, the CT6 only lasted until 2020. After that, it was abandoned, and Cadillac focused its efforts on the weaker CT5 and CT4. However, it wasn’t all roses and sunshine for the CT6. It had its faults and perhaps didn’t quite live up to its price tag, but thanks to depreciation, the CT6 should be well within the affordable range. Even at its current stage of depreciation, is it worth the money yet?

What does the CT6 have to offer?

Cadillac CT6 on display in Los Angeles
Cadillac CT6 on display in Los Angeles | Mintaha Neslihan Eroglu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The CT6 started at $54,490 in 2016. In its most basic trim, it came with a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four that made 265 horsepower. In this particular trim, it had rear-wheel drive and an automatic transmission with eight gears. By 2020 this engine was no longer offered, and the CT6 at its most basic level used a 3.6-liter V6 that made 335 horsepower, and this time its price was $59,990. It’s not that big of a leap in price, for a lot more horsepower, and all-wheel drive. 

When life started for the CT6, it boasted decent handling for a modest price and, according to Car and Driver, inferior cabin materials and a rough transmission. Unfortunately, some of those trends didn’t continue and by the end of its life, the CT6 cost more, for a less impressive ride. It was cramped, offered cheap interior materials, and underperformed.

To its credit, the CT6 did have a driver awareness and convenience package which included many assist technologies. Forward collision alert, embedded navigation, following distance indicator, and front-pedestrian detection are just a few of the many that were available for the 2017 CT6 Turbo Luxury model. 

How much should a Cadillac CT6 cost?

Cadillac CT6 on display in New York
Cadillac CT6 on display in New York | Atilgan Ozdil/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

With all of this in mind, the CT6 may have been worth its price back in 2016 and 2017, but by 2020 didn’t evolve enough to earn its MSRP hikes. That being said, its depreciation is well-deserved, and we are happy to report it’s perfectly affordable now. The 3.6 Premium Luxury from 2018 sells for roughly $28,000, which is less than half of its MSRP, and it’s available everywhere. Unfortunately, the 2017 model didn’t bode well in terms of reliability, so it might be best to go a year or two newer.

The best CT6 we can recommend is the turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 from 2018. It makes 400 horsepower and had an MSRP of $66,000. You can find them for less than $30,000. Statistical depreciation places this model at, after three years, worth 62-percent of its original value. That puts it at around $45,000. Even in today’s used car climate, the CT6 is undervalued. Don’t forget to check other options before deciding on the CT6. Like a Toyota or an Acura. An Acura TLX, for example, will be more reliable and offers a high-quality interior.


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