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With the introduction of the Oshkosh mail truck, the current Grumman LLV will soon be phased out of service for the United States Postal Service. And for a certain kind of person, buying an old mail truck may be an exciting prospect. Purchasing an LLV is not as simple as going to a dealership or inquiring at your local post office though. As the USPS scraps its iconic truck, enthusiasts and collectors may be wondering where you can buy one, or if you can even buy a Grumman LLV to begin with.

Can you buy a USPS mail truck?

The answer to the question is a little more complex than a yes or no,  but the short answer is that it is possible for a civilian to buy an LLV. According to Tire Meets Road, one of the best ways to track down an old USPS mail truck is to check government auctions. When these trucks do come up for sale, that is often where they can be found. 

A Grumman LLV shows off its livery as a mail truck.
United States Postal Service mail truck | IFCAR

Even as the Grumman LLV is phased out for the Oshkosh Next Generation Delivery Vehicle, or NGDV, most models will probably wind up at junkyards to be converted into scrap metal. That said, it is possible that some models may be sold to the public for general use.

Should you buy a Grumman LLV?

Although it is understandable why someone would want to buy an LLV, it is important to remember the purpose of this vehicle. It was built to deliver mail and packages, and that is it. This truck does not feature things like air conditioning, and the heater is not the most effective thing. 

Additionally, Grumman equipped with vehicle with a four-sylinder engine known as the “Iron Duke.” It is mated to a three-speed automatic transmission to help with low speeds, but do not expect an efficient truck. With these vehicles getting up there in age, it’s even difficult to estimate things like top speed.

There are also the legal implications that need to be considered with an LLV. Impersonating a mail carrier is a serious offense. So our advice would be not to drive slow past any mailboxes, USPS takes this stuff seriously, as it should. 

How much does a Grumman LLV cost?

When purchased by USPS, each LLV had a cost of about $12,000. In today’s money, that comes out to roughly $30,000. When it comes to yearly maintenance, USPS pays about $3,000 a year for each unit to keep it running properly. 

The Grumman LLV demonstrates its purpose-built styling as a USPS mail truck.
USPS mail truck | IFCAR

The USPS Is in Hot Water Over New Mail Truck

On the used market, the LLV does not command a $30,000 price tag, which is good news for those who want to own a piece of United States history. A quick search of past auctions shows that the LLV can sell for under $5,000. And that price is not too ridiculous for someone who wants to buy an old LLV. Perhaps the biggest issue of purchasing one of the USPS mail trucks is finding one that is available to buy. But, it is not an impossible task to take under.