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For many Americans, purchasing a new truck might be out of budget. And that is where used pickup trucks come in. Without having to break the bank, you can get a mid-size truck that is ready to handle your needs. One pre-owned pickup that is worthy of consideration is the Nissan Frontier. The Nissan Frontier has long been a mainstay in Nissan’s lineup, and that means it’s pretty clear which models are worth buying and which models you should avoid. Some of these vehicles even sell for under $15,000.

Should you buy a used Nissan Frontier?

Generally speaking, the Nissan Frontier has proven itself as a reliable pickup over the years. Although, there are some problem models to look out for. Still, whether you are shopping for a mid-size truck with a V6 and four-wheel drive, or you are fine with a four-cylinder engine, the Frontier offers it. 

In the past, Nissan’s mid-size truck has also offered a manual transmission. And that is ideal if you are looking for an off-road truck. Additionally, because the Frontier has been around for so long and went unchanged for a significant time, parts are widely available. 

Which Frontier should you avoid?

According to, there are some Nissan Frontier models that should be avoided. The worst offenders range from 2005 to 2007. During this time, apparently, the Frontier had a transmission issue. 

Due to a coolant leak, the transmission could fail. And apparently, it impacted a high number of Frontier models. Because of this, it is probably best to avoid the Nissan Frontier if it is from 2005, 2006, or 2007. 

Which used Nissan Frontiers are safe to buy?

The Nissan Frontier has been around since 1997, and outside of the aforementioned model years, it should be a good purchase. That said, buying used can come with risks. If you are buying a used Nissan truck, you should test drive it and check the service records. When you do, you will know the caliber of pickup that you are buying. 

An older Nissan Frontier with a white paint job sits parked on the street.
Nissan Frontier | IFCAR

In 2022, Nissan finally revealed the third generation of its mid-size truck. And while you can find one for under $30,000, that is still fairly expensive. Even opting for a 2021 or 2020 Frontier could help you to save some money. 

Which Nissan truck is best?

The Nissan Frontier has long been offered in multiple trim levels. Because of that, you can find the ideal amount of pickup for your specific needs. Perhaps one of the best value propositions offer by this mid-size truck is the Frontier SV trim. This version offers some more comfort features over the base model. And that is something that some buyers are likely to appreciate. 

A yellow Nissan Frontier sits on a beach as a used truck.
Nissan Frontier | IFCAR

Now, if you are looking for a truck that is capable of some legitimate off-roading, there is the Nissan Frontier PRO-4X model. This truck adds things like a locking differential depending on the year, and it comes standard with four-wheel drive. Those are things you can experience for less when you buy used.