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We were happy for Bronco buyers when we saw Ford shipped over 13,000 in April. But the bad news is that many buyers are now abandoning their orders as the wait continues. Yet, in and around Wayne, Michigan, where it is made, thousands are piling up in empty lots. So, what’s going on?

What is holding up Bronco orders now?

Ford Bronco
Ford Bronco assembly | Getty

It’s an old problem we thought was getting better. Instead, it appears to be getting worse. We’re talking about the microchip drought. It’s not going away, and appears to be hitting Bronco builds hard. 

Numerous sightings of the SUVs as far as the eye can see are hitting Bronco forums. Around its Michigan Assembly Plant, some have been sitting there since January. In some cases, delivery dates have been pushed back numerous times since buyers were notified by dealers of their Bronco’s assembly date completion. And they still don’t know when they’ll actually get theirs.

“I am considering abandoning my order for a Jeep Wrangler or a [Toyota] 4Runner,” one customer told Automotive News. “Those of us on Ice/Dirt Mountain are afterthoughts.” Others have actually taken that final step. 

‘This is absolutely unacceptable for a special order’

Ford Bronco
Ford Bronco assembly | Getty

“When this Bronco went down the assembly line, Ford did not have all the parts to complete the build, and it was stored outside waiting on parts,” one forum post reads. “Initially, it was said this was due to restraints, and it would be finished by the end of May 2022. Now, there is a new update that says the vehicle may be completed sometime in August 2022. This is absolutely unacceptable for a special order to be sitting out in the elements of Michigan for over six months before being delivered.” 

And he follows that up with his cancellation request. He does have a point about new vehicles sitting out. Yes, for decades there have been holding lots for newly-completed vehicles. But sitting outside for nine months, or maybe even a year, aren’t the best circumstances for your brand-new Bronco. 

When did Ford start taking Bronco orders?

A red 2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrak model with option HOSS 3.0 parked on a snowy off-road trail in a forest
2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrak | The Ford Motor Company

We are coming up on the one-year anniversary of the debut of the Bronco. It’s not known if some have been on the waiting list since their order was placed. Orders were opened on January 20, 2021. Some of those 2021 orders got delayed until production began of the 2022 models. So we wonder if some who placed their orders early in 2021 might still be waiting for deliveries? We hope not.

Initially, after the order books were open for only two months, Ford received 125,000 orders for the popular SUV. It delivered 25,000 by the end of 2021. Ford has said that 70 percent of Bronco buyers are conquests from other brands. 

But now, we also wonder if many of those buyers are returning to the band they previously were invested in, as they wait for word of when they might get their Bronco? 


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