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After Toyota decided to discontinue the Land Cruiser in the United States, it left a bit of a hole in the market. The modern Land Cruiser is essentially the definition of stealth wealth as an SUV. It is 100% a luxury vehicle, but it is not loud about it. Plus, it still offers legitimate capability in off-road situations and more. Sure, you can still get the Lexus version of the Land Cruiser, but it lacks the subtlety. So, if you want a luxury SUV, should you buy a used Toyota Land Cruiser model?

How long has Toyota made the Land Cruiser?

The Land Cruiser was first introduced back in 1951, and ever since, it has been a popular SUV for those who need something capable. And, although Toyota is no longer selling the Land Cruiser here in the States, the global market does still get this vehicle. And many folks, including Youtuber Doug Demuro seem to agree that the move was a mistake, as seen in this video.

There are a range of different Land Cruiser models that you can buy. The various iterations are known as “Series,” and that makes finding the correct Land Cruiser for you an easier task. Generally speaking, the 80 Series Land Cruiser marks the beginning of Toyota moving this SUV to the luxury segment. 

Before the 80 Series, this SUV was still focused on simply being a rugged off-roader that can handle some seriously rough terrain. The 60 Series Land Cruiser is a pretty solid vehicle, but it is hard to find one in good condition. 

Who is the Land Cruiser for?

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a vehicle for those who need capability and want something that is reliable. It is not surprising to see some versions of this vehicle that have packed on over 300,000 miles. 

A black Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 in a dry desert-like area.
Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 | Getty Images

More modern Land Cruiser models are ideal for folks who want something that can handle life as a daily driver. The 100 Series Land Cruiser was in production until 2007, and it really took comfort to the next level. You can even get it with heated seats for when the temperatures drop outside. 

Now, it’s no secret that many of these Toyota SUVs do have high mileage. So, if you are considering making a Land Cruiser purchase, keep in mind that finding parts will be part of the process. Especially if you ever need to make any major repairs. But, that is the case for any older vehicle. So, it should not be too surprising. 

How much should you pay for a Toyota Land Cruiser?

In terms of pricing, these vehicles vary. Pristine models sell for fairly high prices, and even ones with high mileage can be expensive. A quick search on AutoTrader shows the last generation of Land Cruiser selling for over $50,000. 

An 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser fords a river.
Toyota Land Cruiser | OSX

If you opt for an older model that has a lot of miles on the clock, it looks like you can get a Land Cruiser for under $30k. But, you will be making some sacrifices in terms of features. Still, if your main intention is to build an overland vehicle or an off-road SUV, you might not care about that to begin with.


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