You Can Buy These Cheap Aston Martin Sports Cars for the Cost of This Aston Martin DB5 Kiddy Car

Remember that Fisher-Price car you had as a little kid? With the pedals? Apparently, a company called The Little Car Company makes those for really, really rich people. Obviously, that implies quite the price tag. However, I did not, in my wildest dreams, expect the brand’s James Bond-inspired Aston Martin DB5 toy to cost $123,000.

This little Aston Martin DB5 has a smokescreen and “machine guns” | The Little Car Company

We’re clearly on some Richie Rich sh*t here, and that got me thinking. No, not about the wealth/class divide in America. Just what kind of real Aston sports cars can you get for that kind of money? Turns out, just the good ones.

The Little Car Company DB5 is one hell of a toy

The drop-down headlights of The Little Car Company's Aston Martin toy car features fake spinning machine guns
Thankfully, the machine guns aren’t real on this Aston Martin DB5 | The Little Car Company

Before I get to that, let’s talk a little about how insane this Little Car Company’s Aston Martin DB5 toy is. First, it’ll do “45mph+” which, honestly, I’m not sure is a speed I’m comfortable with in a toy car. Then again, it wouldn’t be worth the money if it were slow. You can also fit an adult in this thing, thank God. I’d be furious if I couldn’t drive my pint-sized Bond car.

And this DB5 really is a Bond car through and through. Instead of spending $123,000 on, I don’t know, tuition, you can spend it on this, with rotating miniguns, a smokescreen, and real functional gauges. Unfortunately, there’s no ejector seat to remove your unruly child from the passenger seat when they say it’s their turn. That said, you can also buy a lot of real Aston Martin for that money.

Which Aston Martin is cheapest?

A black Aston Martin Vantage coupe shot from the front 3/4 angle in a studio booth
Some say the 2011 Aston Martin Vantage was AM at their best | National Motor Museum via Getty Images

For example, $60,000 gets you just about the nicest Aston Martin Vantage V8 that money can buy. I’m including the manual transmission premium some cars carry for, well, the manual transmission in that number. That means you’ve got 430 hp or roughly twenty times the horsepower than the TOY Aston Martin DB5. You’re also getting one of the best-driving Astons to hit the road in the last two decades.

And you’ll have $63,000 or so leftover for the maintenance bill when this thing inevitably breaks and leaves a real smoke screen trailing behind you. Hell, you could buy two of these for the price of the toy DB5. I’m struggling to come up with the words to convey the disbelief I feel.

Turns out, a depreciated Aston Martin is less than you thought

A white Aston Martin Rapide at an auto show in the UK, seen from the front 3/4 angle
The Aston Martin Rapide will fit small children too | Martyn Lucy via Getty Images

Your Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake Will Cost an Arm and a (Gold) Finger

If the coupe Vantage isn’t your thing, you can also have any number of Aston Martin Rapid S sedans for that money. I found a 2016 model listed for $124,000 on AutoTempest and I bet they’ll knock a G off if you’re nice. This will surely fit your spoiled-rotten children, and the 560 hp V12 will be loud enough to drown out their complaining when they realize you’ve bought this instead of their mini DB5. Regardless, the toy DB5 is unrelentingly cool, but it sure isn’t $123,000 cool. These other Astons, however, most certainly are.