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  • The Subaru Outback is the fastest-selling car in five states
  • Outback wagons hold their value incredibly well
  • Wagons might not be popular, but the Outback takes less than a week to sell

New cars are selling pretty quick these days. Thanks to a killer combination of unprecedented demand and little to no supply, the auto industry has taken a massive hit. Of course, popular brands like Honda, Ford, and Subaru are bearing the brunt of the issues. That’s especially true of popular models like the Subaru Outback. By the way, you should probably buy that Outback wagon you saw earlier. Odds are, it’ll be gone before you know it.

The Subaru Outback sells in less than eight days

A blue 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness wagon shot on a dirt road from the 3/4 angle
The 2022 Outback Wilderness is insanely popular | Subaru

At a maximum, it takes 8.1 days for a Subaru Outback to trade hands. And this isn’t just some fluke due to the Outback’s popularity. The auto market has pushed sale times down across the board. Of course, the wildly popular wagon didn’t need the help. The Outback has long been one of America’s favorite cars, owing to a large cargo area, excellent fuel economy, incredible safety tech, and standard AWD.

The figure above comes to us courtesy of iSeeCars, who conducted a study to see which cars in which states are selling the fastest. And the Subaru Outback wagon sticks out like a sore thumb. Of 39 states sampled for the month of November, the other Blue Oval’s wagon held the fastest-selling top spot in five of those states. That’s more than any other new or used car on the list. Those five, by the way, are Alabama, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, and Ohio.

Subaru wagons hold their value

A Subaru Outback wagon shot from the rear on a snowy trail
The Outback has notoriously high resale values | Nick Pryde via Unsplash

Speaking of new or used cars, it’s important to clarify that iSeeCars analyzed all model years in their study. So, it’s not just that 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness that’s selling in less than a week’s time. It’s used models too. Part of that is down to resale value. The Subaru Outback holds its value so well it’s practically a meme here in Colorado. Residents of Colorado often joke about the “Subaru tax” when buying a car. More often than not, the “Subaru tax” applies to an Outback.

Buyers love their cars, and they’re generally well maintained. Plus, Subaru’s reputation for reliability helps to bolster resale values. Because people don’t really see the Outback as a wagon, and more as an SUV, the long roof Subaru stays in constant demand, as is the trend with SUVs. So, if you’re looking at a Subaru Outback, be it new or used, know you’ve got some competition waiting to swoop in and pay more.

It’s hard to understate just how popular the Outback is. The wagon’s combination of SUV-inspired design, safety features, and standard AWD all contribute to the fast-selling wagon’s fame. Given the recent increase in car prices across the board, we’re sure the Subaru Outback is going to stay America’s most popular wagon for some time to come.


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