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There’s no denying that the Polaris Slingshot is a radically unique vehicle that’s great to toss in the corners on the weekend. But did you know that you can drive a Slingshot daily as well? You can. And if you’re currently shopping for a Slingshot, then you may be wondering which trim level to choose. Here are a few reasons the SL trim level is the one to get.

There are five different Polaris Slingshot trim levels to choose from

A front view of the Slingshot SL.
A front view of the Slingshot SL. | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

When shopping for a 2022 Polaris Slingshot, you’ll find that there are five different trim levels to choose from – S, SL, SLR, R, and LE. We spent some time with the SL trim level, which is only one step above the base trim. During our time with it, we found that it could work well for most buyers that want to get into a Slingshot but don’t want to get too invested.

1. The Polaris Slingshot SL is priced well

A detail shot of the tire on the 2022 Polaris Slingshot SL
A detail shot of the tire on the 2022 Polaris Slingshot SL | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

Are you surprised that the Slingshot only costs around $20,000? We were too, considering it looks far more expensive. However, that $20k price will get you the entry-level Slingshot S model, which is fine. But if you spend just $6,000 more, you’ll get the SL trim that is better equipped for daily driving.

2. The Slingshot SL comes with a backup camera

A view of the backup camera on the Slingshot SL.
A view of the backup camera on the Slingshot SL. | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

Although backup cameras exist on every new car nowadays, it’s surprising that an autocycle like the Polaris Slingshot has one. However, you’ll need to opt for at least the SL trim to get it. Why is it so important?

Despite the Slingshot’s open-air cockpit, it’s hard to see out the back of it just turning your head. You can use the side mirrors to help you out, but they don’t show you what is directly behind the vehicle. As such, the backup camera is one of the best features of the Slingshot, as it helps in parking lot situations, especially when backing into a parking spot.

3. The SL trim comes with the 7-inch Ride Command display

The Ride Command menu on the Slingshot SL.
The Ride Command menu on the Slingshot SL. | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

Touchscreen infotainment screens may be the norm in cars, but the 7-inch touchscreen that comes in Slingshot SL makes it so much cooler. The Ride Command features offer GPS, ride mapping, and a group ride feature so you can track the other riders in your group. It also shows pertinent vehicle information like fuel and temperature levels in addition to battery voltage.

Another plus to the SL trim is its Rockford Fosgate sound system with Bluetooth and USB phone connectivity. It allows you to connect your phone to make calls and listen to tunes, just like you would in a car. However, it’ll be much louder on a Slingshot.

If you’re looking to buy a Polaris Slingshot, don’t sleep on the SL trim level

While it might be easy to gravitate toward the higher trim levels when buying a Slingshot, we recommend checking out the SL trim first. It’s decently priced, is loaded with the tech features that you need, and has enough power to boot. Also, that backup camera will come in handy more than you think.  


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