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Jay Leno’s 2015 Tesla Model S P90D is for sale and you can buy it right now. As you can imagine, it is a loaded Model S. Though the subsequent P100D Model S had almost 150 hp more, the P90D can surely hold its own. 

Leno’s Tesla Model S is loaded with just about all options

Jay Leno with his blue Tesla Model S
Jay Leno with his blue Tesla Model S | BAT

That’s because for starters it has the Ludicrous Mode upgrade. It is also packing Autopilot, Smart Air suspension, and 21-inch Silver Turbine wheels with 245/30 front and 265/35 rear Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. It also was ordered with the Premium interior package, glass panoramic roof, carbon-fiber interior trim, and High Fidelity sound system. 

But it also comes with some extras. The Tesla motor vehicle purchase agreement goes with the sale. There is also a charging cable, recent service records, a range of Jay Leno Car Care products, and a California title in Leno’s name. 

Leno is upgrading to a Model S Plaid

Jay Leno's blue Tesla Model S
Jay Leno’s blue Tesla Model S | BAT

Leno is selling his Model S because he’s sliding into a Model S Plaid. Why not? And it has even had recent replacements as soon as last month. A new dash pad and liftgate drain plug were installed in June 2021. 

The Deep Blue Metallic exterior with black leather interior Model S has about 23,000 miles, put on it mostly by Leno. Maintenance has been performed like clockwork throughout those 23,000 miles. The purchase invoice shows Leno originally paid $140,200 for the S. It is listed on Bring a Trailer and as of this writing, bidding was at $60,000. 

The $60 K price seems like it might go $10-20 K more before bidding ends

Jay Leno Tesla Model S interior
Jay Leno Tesla Model S interior | BAT

With such low mileage, features, maintenance, and conversation-starting backstory; the $60,000 price seems like a decent number. But the bidding isn’t over, so who knows what the Tesla will finally sell for? 

What we can say is that 60 Gs is about what a 2015 Model S with Ludicrous and about this many miles would sell for. That’s based on random sampling from CarGurus and Auto Trader. So our guess is that this will shoot up another $20,000 at least before the bidding ends. But even without the great provenance, it sounds like a great used Model S should one be looking for that. 

Jay Leno Tesla Model S wheel detail
Jay Leno Tesla Model S | BAT

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