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Would you buy a Chevy Silverado with 100,000 miles on it? Once the odometer of a vehicle turns to 100,000 miles, many things can happen. At this mileage number, most vehicles no longer have a powertrain warranty. Many people will tell you that trucks are made to last, and you shouldn’t be as concerned about the mileage for a pickup as you are for a car, but that’s not always the case.

How many miles is too many for a Chevy Silverado?

You’ll find different opinions regarding this topic. VEHQ tells us to look for gas trucks with less than 100,000 miles or diesel models with under 200,000 miles. On the other hand, A Mand and His Gear offers that a truck with 100,000 miles could be a good find, but you might pay more in maintenance fees than one with lower mileage.

How long should a truck last?

The 2014 Chevy Silverado is one of the best high-mileage trucks you can buy.
2014 Chevy Silverado | Getty Images

If you’re looking for a used Chevy Silverado and all of the models you’ve considered have over 100,000 miles, don’t fret. With proper maintenance, trucks, even ones with gasoline engines, can last as much as 200,000 miles. Some last even longer than that. There are some things you should look out for when buying a high-mileage pickup truck.

Avoid a lemon in your high-mileage Chevy Silverado

A truck that’s crossed the 100,000-mile mark doesn’t mean you won’t get a lot out of it. If the original owner took care of the Chevy you want the right way, you could get another 100,000 miles or more. A few things to look out for, according to Motor Hills, are:

  • Rust on the body
  • Rust on the undercarriage
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Strange noises during a test drive
  • Smoke from the tailpipe

There are many other items to look for, including the vehicle history report and service records, but these are some quick signs that you won’t want to buy the truck. On the other hand, if the truck is in good condition and everything is in order, you might have found that diamond in the rough.

Are used Chevy trucks reliable?

Yes, typically used Chevy Silverado models are reliable. These trucks have been trusted for decades for all kinds of work. Whether you need a truck for hauling lumber, working in a field, pulling a trailer, or some recreational fun on the weekends, a properly maintained Chevy can give you the driving experience you desire.

What is the biggest problem with Chevy trucks?

Early engine failure is one of the largest problems many Chevy truck owners face, according to Hot Cars. Because you’re entering this equation when the truck has a lot of miles on it, that particular issue is well behind the truck you want to drive.

What is the best year Chevy Silverado to buy used?


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If you want a used pickup that offers some modern features and a low price, the models from 2011 to 2014 are the sweet spot for you. Autotrader tells us this is the model range that gives you the balance you’re looking for so that you can have a truck that’s not too old but also not too expensive either.

Can a high-mileage Chevy Silverado be a good truck?

Yes, if you take your time reviewing the used truck you want to buy. Keep your emotions out of the picture and you will have a truck that lasts a long time. You might not have the most modern equipment or the latest tech, but you’ll pay a lot less and drive a capable Chevy Silverado for several years.