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Doesn’t everybody need an SUV with more machine guns and camouflage than you can count? If “more” is just enough and you fear the apocalypse is almost upon us then this is the vehicle for you. This is the military version of the 1984 LHD Series-3 Land Rover. It’s street-legal, and it could be yours.

This is a German SAS 1984 LHD 109-inch Series 3 Land Rover Gunship

Land Rover Gunship
1984 LHD 109-inch Series 3 Land Rover Gunship | Sotheby’s

Called the “Gunship” it was a one-off built by Land Rover for the German military. It was built at its Solihull, UK, assembly plant. By the time it passed into private hands it had shed its military accouterments. 

Purchased by some military enthusiasts in the UK, it has been slowly reconfigured back into the condition it was in when sold to Germany. So it is now a replica of a SAS-spec military vehicle. The crown jewel of the Gunship is the two .30 and.50 caliber replica machine guns. 

It’s legal to drive the Land Rover with machine guns in the UK

Land Rover Gunship
Land Rover Gunship .50 caliber machine gun | Sotheby’s

At least in the UK, where the Land Rover is located, it is legal to drive around with machine guns attached to your car. We don’t know why or how it is legal, but we’ll save that discussion for another time. 

“The military features and touches all over this Land Rover come together to create an exceptional SAS car recreation,” Greg Hendry, marketing manager at John Brown 4×4 told Carbuzz. John Brown 4x is the current owner. “The two dummy machine guns fitted to the car, in .30 and .50 caliber specifications, really catch your attention.

The Land Rover’s “driving experience matches the car’s looks”

Land Rover Gunship
Land Rover Gunship | Sotheby’s

“While the car is left-hand drive owing to its military use on mainland Europe, no windscreen or roof provides the driver fantastic visibility on UK roads. The car has been professionally repaired and restored so that the driving experience matches the car’s looks.

Land Rover Gunship
Land Rover Gunship | Sotheby’s

“Our team has had a fantastic time working on this car. It’s been a centerpiece in our showroom, where it catches the attention of every customer that comes to visit our site. We’ve recently rearranged our showroom, and have decided to give a member of the public the opportunity to own this fantastic car. The Gunship is a thrilling drive that turns heads wherever you take it.”

So there you have it. The Gunship will be up for auction at Sotheby’s Open Roads in the UK mid-month. It is estimated to go for around $20,000-25,000. You can be the talk of the block with this relic once used by Germany’s SAS special armed forces. 


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