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After 15 years, the Toyota Sequoia is finally seeing an upgrade for 2023. Is the new SUV is a big step up from the 2022 Toyota Sequoia, but is it ready to take on the best-selling SUV this year, the 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe? Like the Tahoe, the Sequoia is big, based on a truck, has some off-road ability, and has three rows of seating. Both are even manufactured in Texas. But, unlike the Tahoe, the Sequoia comes with V6 hybrid power and can be ordered in TRD trim. The 2023 Sequoia starts at $59,795. Pricing hasn’t been released for the 2023 Tahoe, but it should start around $52,000.

1: The i-FORCE MAX Hybrid has more power, better economy

A 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro in the dirt. The TRD Trims are one reason to buy a 2023 Toyota Sequoia.
2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro | Toyota

The Toyota i-FORCE MAX is Toyota’s new hybrid drivetrain and one major reason to buy a 2023 Toyota Sequoia. The hybrid first showed up on the new redesigned Tundra in 2022. It makes 437 horsepower and 537 lb.-ft of torque. In the new Tundra, the system gets 18 mpg in the city and 24 on the highway, and although the EPA hasn’t rated the 2023 Toyota Sequoia yet, we expect similar numbers. The Sequoia can even tow up to 9,000 pounds. And, it’s fun to drive.

The Tahoe can be ordered with two big V8s or a diesel. Chevy’s biggest V8, the 6.2-liter, makes less horsepower, at 420. Toyota’s hybrid even trumps the torque of Chevy’s optional diesel which makes 560 lb. ft of torque. The 2023 Chevy Tahoe can tow up to 8,000 pounds.

2: Off-Road TRD Trim levels

2022 Toyota Sequoia in white going up a hill
2022 Toyota Sequoia | Toyota

Toyota’s off-road TRD trim levels on its trucks are super popular, and for good reason. The TRD options add some extra off-road capability and in the Sequoia the TRD Pro model will be offered only with four-wheel drive. The system has a center console-mounted transfer case to select between four-high, four-low, and two-wheel-drive. With the TRD and top-level Capstone packages, you’ll also get a towing package that has a trailer backup guide and steering assist that keeps the trailer going straight when you’re backing up that can also be used as a trail cam.

The 2023 Chevy Tahoe can be ordered with the Z71 package and High Country packages that offer either Magnetic Ride Control or air ride suspension. It also has several trailer cameras.

3: 2023 Sequoias will get a host of new tech and safety features

The interior of the 2023 Toyota Sequoia comes with a lot of new tech, and one reason to buy a 2023 Toyota Sequoia.
Interior of a 2023 Toyota Sequoia Capstone | Toyota

The Sequoia will get cameras that show the SUV from all angles, including one that shows what’s on either side of a trailer if you’re towing. But, they also get power-folding, extending, and retracting mirrors.  The Sequoia has a new, giant, 14-inch touchscreen display optional and a 10-inch heads-up display that projects your speed on the windshield.

The largest screen in the Chevy Tahoe is the optional 10.2-inch touchscreen, but it does come with built-in Google capability on the LT trim, as well as CarPlay and Android Auto. Super Cruise, however, is available on the top-line Premier and High Country trims.  

4: ToyotaCare is a big reason to buy the 2023 Toyota Sequoia


2023 Toyota Sequoia: 5 Things You Should Know

The Sequoia will also come with ToyotaCare. Toyota care is the company’s 36-month/36,000-mile warranty that extends to 60-months for the powertrain and up to 8 years or 100,000 miles for the hybrid system, which is one more reason to buy a 2022 Toyota Sequoia. The plan also covers 24-hour roadside assistance and normal factory-scheduled maintenance for up to two years. At Chevy, the first maintenance visit is covered. Interestingly, Chevy will also warranty your original tires