Butchered Or Beautiful: Porsche 911 Hot Rod Has Bentley V8

Porsche 911 hot rod Targa coupe
Porsche 911 hot rod | Bonhams

What do you think? Is this Porsche 911 butchered or beautiful? The combination of things leading up to its build may make you think more one way or the other. And if you like this 911 hot rod that much it is being auctioned off later this month.

This much-modified Porsche hot rod was designed by Alexandre Danton

front view of Porsche 911 hot rod
Porsche 911 hot rod | Bonhams

Bonhams is offering this much-modified Porsche 911 coupe designed by Alexandre Danton. It says this 911 is an “extraordinary example of his work.” Danton started with a 1971 911T and a 6.75-liter Bentley V8 engine from a Bentley Mulsanne Turbo. 

We should mention that Danton has hacked up a number of European and American vehicles over the years. They have ranged from a 911 Porsche coupe and Lamborghini Espada to Jeeps, and American pickups. His signature is an exposed engine in front, severely chopped tops, and high boy or open wheel design. 

The Porsche weighs less than half of what a stock 911 weighs

Porsche 911 hot rod Bentley engine
Porsche 911 hot rod | Bonhams

The front suspension of this example uses a double-wishbone setup with coil-over springs and a solid rear axle. This hot rod is said to weigh less than half of what a stock 911T weighs. That combined with the 300 hp Bentley engine should make for a quick roller skate. 

Inside the high boy is upholstered in a racing-style that includes aluminum bucket seats and sparse instrumentation and amenities. We especially like the reverse slant of the Targa bar. On a stock 911, it angles rearward. But in certain angles besides chopping it the Targa bar looks to be angled forward. 

Bonhams lists the compelling features of the Porsche as being a “stunning supercar from a famed designer, a strong reliable donor engine and transmission, and terrific performance and exclusivity.” Would you agree?

Bonhams expects the Porsche hot rod to sell for between $6,900-$14,000

Porsche 911 hot rod interior
Porsche 911 hot rod | Bonhams

You Can Own This Beautiful Piece of Porsche History

The downsides that we see are the rather crude styling, lack of detail, and plexiglass windshield. We know it is in the style of a rat rod but for what we expect to be a high price point and as acclaimed as Bonhams touts the builder, these details detract from the overall effect. That being said Bonhams lists the range it expects the Porsche hot rod to sell for in the neighborhood of between $6,900-$14,000. So while it plays up many aspects of the 911 it doesn’t expect it to sell for that much. Would you spring for around $10,000 for this one-off Porsche?