Busa Flies, Ninja Dies

After an absolute rollercoaster ride of whether or not Suzuki would discontinue the Hayabusa or unveil a new touring speed machine, we’ve been over here sort of scratching our heads.

The Kawasaki Ninja hung on and produced a new 2020 ZX-14r even after rumors of Hayabusa’s retirement which began in 2018. Though the Busa has been pulled from European markets, it’s still in US production.

A 2020 Hayabusa hit the US market and the two touring sport bikes continue to go head to head. Except now, the Ninja ZX-14r is rumored to be on its death bed.

All the while, patent applications are published in Japan for the all-new 2021 Hayabusa. The way things are looking right now, it seems that a future that sees the Busa live on in a new generation will also see the death of the beloved Ninja.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14r discontinued

As emissions standards become more focused in regions around the globe, bikes like the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14r don’t keep up. According to RideApart, European and Asian markets have reported a loss of the Ninja in the Kawasaki Moto lineup.

Apparently, they’ve heard it straight from the source. Kawasaki itself is said to have announced the European and Asian discontinuation of this legendary bike. Still, as with the Hayabusa, the Kawasaki ZX-14r may live on over here in the states for a little while yet, but its days are numbered.

The 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa

Could there be a higher displacement Busa replacement? Rumors say yes. The new version of this bike will have to be greener to re-enter European markets, but it will probably be more powerful, too.

The patent application depicts an engine configuration very similar to the Hayabusa engine we see in the current generation. Yet, there’re particular elements which reveal Suzuki plans to alter this powerful motorbike.

In order to comply with the new Euro5 emission standard, it will utilize a carbon canister to absorb excess exhaust gases. This implementation is meant to lower the harmful emissions. Additionally, they say the patent also illustrates an oil sump to prevent internal oil spreading.

The new Hayabusa may also see a power upgrade from 1,340cc. Increasing this by 100cc means the new model will pack a 1,440cc motor. This is largely to maintain performance levels due to the constrained combustion process cause by the changes made in the interest of emissions. Though the power may increase a bit, too, because why not?

The Kawasaki competition

Although the Ninja ZX-14r may see its last days in the coming year, Kawasaki still offers the supercharged H2 line of motorcycles for those who want a super-speed styled touring sport bike. The H2 is a superior sport bike in comparison to the ZX-14r in many ways.

Not only is it already easier on emissions and ready for any market, the Ninja H2 is more light-weight, gives plenty of power, and it offers more advanced technology. The ZX-14r just doesn’t really need to exist anymore.

Busa flies, Ninja dies

If the rumors are true and the Japanese patents are approved, we might see the unveiling of the 2021 Busa later this year. Unfortunately, the Ninja will sell what stock is left and hit the dust.

There’s really no telling how long it will take for the Ninja ZX-14r to actually die here in the states. But when it does, Suzuki die-hards will have to opt for another bike like something from the H2 lineup.