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Overland vehicles require next-level toughness for us to count on them to travel the rough track over long periods. This typically means things like a tough 4×4 system, lighting, emergency gear, off-road tires, and so on. However, in the case of this Toyota Land Cruiser, it means literal bulletproof armor. This LC is an overland beast you’ll never forget. 

Bulletproof Land Crusier
Toyota Land Cruiser 79 | Inkas

What is a good overland vehicle? 

A good overlander needs to be tough, reliable, and above all else, prepared for anything. This is exactly what Inkas Armored Vehicles (IAV) is shooting for (pun intended) for this Land Cruiser overland build. IAV calls this beast the 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser 76-Series Expedition Spec (TLC76), and according to MotorTrend, it specializes in personal security no matter the terrain you travel.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser 76-Series Expedition Spec 

The Inkas Toyota Land Cruiser 79 is an armored overlander
Inkas Toyota Land Cruiser 79 | Inkas

From the outside, you’d probably never know that this 76 series Land Cruiser was anything other than a nice overland build. The “Expedition Spec” means you’ll get a handful of standard overland gear like a winch, aluminum roof rack, skid plate, and custom front-end protection. 

While the Toyota Land Cruiser 76 series isn’t sold in the U.S., our friends from other places in the world where off-roading is common will likely be quite familiar with this LC. 

There are certainly bigger and more imposing off-roaders in the world of overlanding. However, few will be safe in as many places as this Landy will. According to MotorTrend, The armor used in this build is the real deal. This armor (NIJ IV/CEN BR6+ ballistic rating) isn’t only very inconspicuous but can also stop very high-power rifle ammo as well as the simultaneous detonation of two hand grenades from beneath. The skid plate, specially designed by Inkas, also protects against blasts to the underside.

Bulletproofing is complicated

Toyota Land Cruiser 79
bulletproof window and door frame | Inkas

In order for the Land Cruiser to handle the added weight of the armor, Inkas had to seriously beef up the suspension, door hinges, and other structural elements. The brakes also had to be upgraded in order to deal with the added weight. The battery box, windows, wheels, tires, and electrical system are also protected. The Toyota also has full video surveillance and emergency lights. Inkas is really taking the preparation part of overlanding very seriously. 

So not only is this model Land Cruiser well known for its relentless reliability, it now has the added bulletproofing to make it one of the most go-anywhere overlanders ever made. 

How much does a bulletproof Land Cruiser cost? 

Inkas hasn’t listed pricing on the Expedition Spec Toyota Land Cruiser 79 yet. Given the fact that these SUVs on their own have gotten pretty pricy, and the added modifications, it’s fair to assume the Inkas ain’t giving these things away. After all, can you put a price on peace of mind