Building a Dream Garage? Here are 5 of the Coolest Tools You Can Buy

Are you a do-it-yourself mechanic that likes to tinker all day in the garage? In that case, you probably have a dream garage all set up in your head complete with a lift, power tools, and air compressors. And while you probably have all of the basic and necessary tools covered, there are a few tools in the market that can supercharge that dream garage idea of yours. Here five of the coolest ones that you can currently buy.

Personal Positioning Technologies, LLC Human Hoist

If you’re into working on cars, then chances are you already have a creeper in your garage to make working underneath your car a lot easier. However, if you want the “Rolls Royce” of creepers, then you can always spring for a Human Hoist from Personal Positioning Technologies, LLC. It’s an ergonomic powered shop chair that not only acts like a creeper but can also be used as a chair and a stool as well.

Due to its superbly supportive structure, the Human Hoist can fully support the body and prevent any injuries and trauma, according to the companies website. The only catch is that the Human Hoist costs $19,900. But hey, it’s your dream garage, no expense shall be spared.

Ring Magflex slim

Working around and underneath your car can lead to you needing to get into tight spaces. Therefore, having the proper lighting to shed on any situation is important. For those super cramped and tight spaces, the Magflex Slim light from Ring can be of tremendous help.

The Magflex Slim light is a wireless inspection lamp that is charged via a USB-C connection and can charge three times faster than its competitors, according to the company. It’s also foldable and magnetic, which means that it can get into tight spaces in your car’s engine bay, thanks to its 180-degree multi-angle positioning, and it can even stick onto metal surfaces for hands-free use.

Magflex Slim
Magflex Slim | Ring Automotive

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Mag Pad

Are you tired of losing tools, nuts, and bolts while you work on your car? We know the feeling, and fortunately, the Mag Pad can put an end to your agony. The Mag Pad is a handy magnetic pad that sticks to any metal surface and can even fit in contours for a truly versatile application.

You simply stick it anywhere and then stick your tools or any other loose metal pieces onto it so that you know exactly where they are at all times. The best part is that the Mag Pad only costs $49 and is available in different sizes.

The Mag Pad
The Mag Pad |

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TreadReader Handheld

While you can technically use a penny to check your car’s tire tread depth, you can spend a little more than one cent and get a more precise tool like the TreadReader Handheld. This is an accurate, handheld device that scans your car’s tires and displays a 3D tread reading on your smartphone. And while it might seem a little overkill just read your tire tread in this manner, it’s great for tire service centers, workshops, inspection lanes as well.

The TreadReader Handheld
The TreadReader Handheld |

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Bipol Pro C video borescope

In case you need to see into the darkest of corners of your car in order to diagnose a pesky issue, the Bipol Pro C video borescope can come to your rescue. It has a 10-meter-long probe that transmits video images back to the handheld device in real-time so that you can see what’s going on in the small spaces that you normally can’t see with your naked eye. Check out the video below for more detail on this product along with a few others not mentioned on this list.