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The Genesis GV80 is the new kid on the block in the luxury SUV world. Most importantly, the GV80 hopes to make an impact through its competitive pricing and disruptive sales model. Moreover, the purchase process can be done entirely online, and so can maintenance. Then, a similar car is simply dropped at your door when your Genesis GV80 needs service. So, an interesting sales model to be sure. Now, it’s time to take a look at the best way to spec out your Genesis GV80.

Genesis GV80: exterior

The green Genesis GV80 on display at an auto show
The GV80 on display | VCG/VCG via Getty Images

In keeping with the budget-conscious pricing of Genesis’ GV, I wanted to keep the price under $70,000. The Korean automaker’s website lists three powertrain options that determine the starting price of the vehicle. I determined the middling one to be the best. Genesis’ 3.5-liter turbo motor makes a healthy 375 hp and starts the car at just under $60,000. This also grants you all-wheel drive.

What’s more, this Genesis spec also nets you the panoramic sunroof, wireless charging, and nicer alloy wheels. I found the default blue exterior paint to be a little bland for my tastes. So, I splurged and spent an extra $500 on Cardiff Green paint, just like the car above. This limits the interior color to one option, seen below. Again, not particularly my thing, but worth it for the fantastic green paint.

Interior and options

The cream colored interior of the GV80
The Genesis GV80’s interior | Seong Joon Cho via Getty Images

When it comes to option packages and interiors, the GV80 is a little different. There are really only three to choose from, Standard, Advanced, and Prestige. Once again, the middling option seemed best to keep the GV80 within budget. Not that the advanced package is lacking for features at its roughly $5,000 price point.

LED head and taillights, as well as triple-zone climate control, are just some of the highlights. Your $5,000 goes a long way with the Genesis to be sure. Befitting of a luxury SUV, this package also grants you leather seats and rear sunshades. You’ll also be getting a 16-way powered driver’s seat, heating for the second-row seats, and Lexicon’s 21-speaker audio system. All in all, not bad for a premium SUV that’s going to come in under $70,000.

GV80: all hype or bargain?

The GV80 in front of a large Genesis logo
The Genesis logo and GV80 | Seong Joon Cho via Getty Images

Miscellaneous accessories are somewhat thin on the Genesis GV80, but that’s because of how extensive the option packages are. Most of them are, however, recommended. The first aid kit is only $45 bucks and a nice thing to have just in case. Additionally, the rubber cargo tray is a must for SUV duties at $150. Finally, I picked up the $85 wheel locks. Can’t be too careful.

As specced, my Genesis GV80 came in well under my $70,000 budget. The whole shebang cost $66,675. That’s only a hair above Toyota Highlander money, and for a much more premium package. Not only that, but this extremely competitive pricing, combined with the sales model above makes the GV80 a fantastic luxury bargain.


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