Buick Teases a Mysterious Model as the Company’s First EV in the U.S.

It’s officially time to add Buick to the car manufacturers entering the EV space. Buick may be having an identity crisis, but the hopes are that introducing an electric vehicle to the fleet could boost the brand’s reputation.

Buick teases their EV concept

A silver Buick logo with white backlighting on a cream background.
Buick logo | Getty Images

With so much choice for vehicles in the consumer and professional spaces, a vehicle manufacturer needs to stay with the trends and ensure their offerings are relevant to what buyers want. The trend in vehicles now is EVs, as many companies are trying to add EVs to vehicle lineups. Buick confirmed they are also one of those brands trying to enter the EV space when they teased an EV slated for the summer.

While there hasn’t been any information about Buick’s vehicle other than the little glimpse of the exterior during the teaser, Motor 1 did notice something that could tell us a bit about the car. On December 21, 2021, GM filed for a trademark for the term “Buick Electra.” The trademark is still pending, but given the name, it may be safe to say their new EV will be called “Electa.” While GM did hold the trademark for “Electra” some years ago, it was abandoned in 2014, which tells us this new filing is likely not just a renewal.

Other manufacturers entering the EV world

Like Buick, several manufacturers are looking to enter the EV space for the first time. One luxury brand that is entering the EV market is Genesis. The Genesis GV60 is technically not the company’s first EV, but it is the first built from the ground up to be an EV, as opposed to the standard G80, an internal combustion car converted into an EV.

Another reputable brand making its EV debut is the GMC Hummer. The GMC Hummer EV will be released in 2022 and may beat the long-anticipated Ford F-150 Lightning to market. The Hummer EV is proudly being manufactured in what GM calls “Factory ZERO,” a zero crash, zero-emission, and zero congestion facility.

Speaking of the Ford F-150 Lightning, while it is not Ford’s first electric truck, the Lightning will be Ford’s first EV version of the United States’ most popular vehicle.


Consumer Reports’ Most Satisfying Electric SUVs According to Owners

Why is everyone hopping on the EV bandwagon?

If you take a quick look at many vehicle manufacturers’ lineups, upcoming releases, and rumors, it’s easy to see EVs are the next biggest thing in the auto industry. There are many reasons why EVs are taking the industry by storm.

The most significant benefit to EVs is they are cleaner than traditional vehicles. With many people, companies, and countries trying to take a more environmentally-friendly approach to everyday life, one of the most effective changes to make is eliminating gas-powered vehicles. EVs offer an excellent opportunity to replace fossil fuels in all transportation sectors, including personal vehicles.

According to Consumer Reports, EVs provide a much higher consumer comfort level, an excellent way to save money with tax credits, lower energy costs, and with battery technology getting better, a comparable range compared to gas vehicles.

Some countries, like Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and Ireland, are banning gas and diesel cars in the next decade. It is assumed we will see more countries making similar pledges in the future. The phase-out of fossil fuel vehicles will eventually force all auto manufacturers to shift their lineups toward EVs.