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The Buick brand dates back to a time of land yachts, large V8 engines, and comfortable cruising with the family. The latest move for this brand is to give us a premium luxury SUV lineup with only a few models. This lineup expands with the addition of a pair of EV SUV models arriving in the next few years.

What is the rebrand for Buick?

General Motors rebranded itself and the Cadillac brand with new logos that offer a futuristic vibe. MotorTrend tells us Buick is doing the same. The new logo appears to have the three stylized shields floating in the air. The circle surrounding the shields is gone for future models, offering a new look and personality for this brand.

Does Buick have an EV?

Buick Electric Premium Luxury SUV Concept
Buick Electric Premium Luxury SUV Concept | Buick

Currently, the U.S. market for this brand does not include an SUV. That oversight is corrected this summer when we see a new EV premium luxury SUV revealed. GM Authority tells us the lineup will include two electric crossover SUVs by 2025. These two will make up one-third of the Buick models at that time. Currently, we have five models, but two are GX models of older versions. The traditional Encore will not be part of the 2025 model year lineup.

What is GM’s next electric car?

Buick Electra Concept
Buick Electra Concept | Buick

If you watched the Super Bowl and paid close attention to the GM electric vehicle commercial with Dr. Evil, you might have noticed Buick wasn’t part of the mix. We saw EV models from Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC, but nothing from the premium luxury brand.

GM addresses that oversight with appropriate corrections. The new Buick EV SUV doesn’t have a name yet, but it could be close to the concept model of the Buick Electra we saw at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2020. The GM Ultium battery platform will underpin these new electric luxury SUVs, which makes a lot of sense. GM uses this platform throughout the range of electric models.

Does Buick have a hybrid or electric car?

China Only Buick Velite 6 Rendering
China Only Buick Velite 6 Rendering | Buick

The electric vehicle market isn’t new for GM or this brand. We’re familiar with the Chevrolet Bolt EV in the United States, but an electric SUV is wearing the three-shield badge in China. The Velite 6 is an electric crossover SUV that offers 255 miles of driving range. Another model available in China is the Buick Velite 7, which provides 311 miles of electric driving from a full charge.

Sealed lips regarding any further details

We don’t know much about the new electric models coming, but we know we’ll see one of these models this summer. It’s likely to be a pre-production prototype version, but it should get us excited about the electric future of this brand. According to Motor1, images show us this SUV could include swoopy LED running lights, a sculpted build, special-opening doors, and a lack of door handles. Futuristic style makes its way to this new premium luxury SUV, but will it wear the new badge? We’ll have to wait until the summer to answer that question.


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