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Most consumers don’t think about maintenance costs when shopping for a new or used car. But it’s an important consideration beyond the purchase price. Like most American cars, Buick vehicles have lower maintenance and repair costs than foreign cars. However, one discontinued Buick model costs significantly more to maintain than the others, and it isn’t an SUV.

How much do Buick models cost to repair and maintain on average?

Buick earned an above-average reliability score of 3.5/5 from RepairPal. That places the brand in the 13th spot of more than 30 brands analyzed. Average annual repair costs are $608, with 0.3 repair visits per year and only about a 13% chance the problems are severe enough for an expensive fix, RepairPal data shows.

The most common issues owners have reported are with the rear springs air compressor, fuel level sensor, and solenoid for transmission pressure control. The air compressor on the rear spring suspension can fail, causing the suspension system to sit lower. Fixing it requires a compressor canister replacement. This issue typically occurs in the Buick Rainier. 

Other reported Buick problems are failed fuel level sensors, causing the fuel level gauge to read incorrectly. This issue happens most often in the Buick LeSabre sedan. To repair it, owners must replace the sensors. Also, the solenoid for the transmission control system can fail, causing the transmission to shift erratically.  

Which Buick model has the highest maintenance and repair costs?

2016 Buick Cascada Convertible
2016 Buick Cascada convertible cockpit | Buick

RepairPal reports that the Cascada has the highest maintenance and repair costs of any Buick model. The Cascada convertible debuted in 2016 and retired only three years later in 2019. This discontinued car averages $798 in annual repair costs. 

One of the most expensive Cascada repairs is fuel evaporative canister replacement. The bill can range from $299 to $479, RepairPal reports. Labor alone for this job can be as high as $200.

Another expensive Cascada repair is replacing the temperature sensor for engine coolant. That can run from $282 to $302, which consists mainly of the cost of the parts.

The two least expensive Cascada maintenance tasks are tire rotation and emissions control system inspection. Tire rotation generally costs $35 to $44, while the emissions system inspection runs $44 to $56. 

What Buick model is the cheapest to maintain and repair?

The Buick Envision SUV has an average annual maintenance cost of only $233, RepairPal reports.  

The most common maintenance tasks are diagnosing the check engine light, which runs about $111, and tire rotation, about $100.

Typical repairs include replacing the suspension ball joint, averaging $259. There’s also the replacement of the sunroof switch, costing about $73, and the adjustment of the parking brake system, about $56.

The most expensive parts to replace are the A/C evaporator and fuel tank. Although these repairs aren’t generally needed, they can occur with any vehicle. Replacements average $1,416 for the evaporator and $1,316 for the fuel tank. 

The Buick brand has above-average reliability, translating to some of its low annual repair costs. The Cascada convertible is an exception, with its high maintenance fees compared to the Envision, which has the lowest. But overall, Buick vehicles remain dependable over time. 


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