Bugatti Will Now Sell You a $300,000 Pool Table

If you imagine Bugatti as a brand, chances are you’ll envision one of its many hand-built hypercars. However, the brand also has a lifestyle collection that collaborates with other brands to create apparel, watches, and even handbags. Today we’re looking at what might be the most unexpected product to come out of Bugatti, a carbon fiber pool table.

According to Bugatti’s latest press release, this new pool table is the brand’s attempt at expanding beyond four-wheeled products. Additionally, you can have one of these tables installed in your home or on your yacht. However, as you might expect, they are far from cheap.

How much does this Bugatti pool table cost?

An image of a Bugatti pool table finished in blue.
Bugatti Pool Table | Bugatti

As mentioned earlier, this latest pool table comes from Bugatti’s lifestyle collection in partnership with the carbon fiber experts at IXO. In total, one of these tables will cost you a hair over $300,000. For context, you could have this pool table or a brand-new Ferrari F8 Tributo and $25,000 in your pocket.

As you might imagine, this Bugatti pool table attempts to justify its price tag with its construction and tech features. For starters, you get a servo-driven system that deploys a gyroscopic sensor to level the table. In fact, each leg can adjust itself in 5 milliseconds without producing extra noise or vibrations. The goal here is that billionaire customers won’t have their games ruined while out at sea.

Obviously, this pool table comes with a carbon fiber wall cue support to hold your sticks. However, it doesn’t stop there, even featuring a 13-inch touchscreen so you can easily keep track of who is winning. However, the bulk of your cash goes into the table itself.

It is made almost entirely out of carbon fiber

An image of a Bugatti pool table finished in blue.
Bugatti Pool Table | Bugatti

If you’re wondering how this pool table links to a French hypercar manufacturer, its carbon fiber construction is a good start. In fact, Bugatti claims that the table is made almost entirely out of carbon fiber, underpinned by aluminum and titanium elements. Additionally, this table even meets the requirements to be a professional pool table for tournaments.

Just like Bugatti’s cars, this pool table is expensive as well as exclusive. In fact, only 30 of these tables will exist. The first five will be produced sometime in 2021, while the rest will arrive later on. As a result, if matching your hypercar to a pool table is your kind of thing, now you can do that.

What other lifestyle products does Bugatti offer?


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While this pool table is Bugatti’s latest lifestyle product, it’s far from the most expensive. If a $300,000 table isn’t expensive enough, how about a watch costing more than $500,000. That’s exactly what the French carmaker developed with Jacob & Co., a luxury watchmaker. From diamonds to all types of gold constructions, the only limit here is your bank account. As a result, if you’ve got money to blow, Bugatti has innumerable amounts of ways to help you spend it.