Bugatti Experiences Its Best Sales Quarter Ever Despite a Global Pandemic

Despite an awful global pandemic crushing the world’s economies, the one percent of the once percent certainly have been doing well for themselves. Aside from amassing massive amounts of wealth, we know this because they are buying cars. More specifically, hypercars by Bugatti. We know this because Bugatti just had its best first quarter ever.

According to Bugatti’s latest press release, this latest achievement comes as the brand has taken more orders in the first quarter of 2021 than any year prior. These orders are spread over just four current production models. Since the cheapest example still costs millions of dollars, this is a massive feat.

How much does a Bugatti cost?

An image of a Bugatti Centodieci in a studio.
Centodieci | Bugatti

As you might imagine, buying even Bugatti’s cheapest model requires a massive pile of cash. The cheapest brand-new model you can have is the “standard” Chiron and its 1,500-hp quad-turbo W16 engine. For this hypercar, you’ll pay a base price of around $3 million. However, given this car’s hand-built nature, that price could quickly skyrocket if you get carried away with options.

Next up, we’ve got the Chiron Sport which bumps up that price tag to around $3.3 million. While its W16 engine makes the same amount of horsepower as the normal car, it loses a considerable amount of weight to pursue greater performance.

If you want a Bugatti that is slightly closer to being a track toy, you’ll want the Chiron Pur Sport, which kicks up that base price for $4 million. For this, you get completely new aerodynamics, a massive wing on the rear, and most importantly, a re-designed transmission. Thanks to shorter gears, the Pur Sport accelerates significantly harder than the standard car.

If you’re a billionaire that already has everything, then the Divo is the one for you. With a base price closer to $6 million, the Divo is, without a doubt, the most striking variant currently on sale.

The brand has delivered over 300 Chirons since 2017

An image of a Bugatti Chiron out on a track.
Chiron | Bugatti

Now that you’ve seen how much these cars cost, it won’t surprise you to learn that Bugatti doesn’t exactly have to sell in massive numbers to turn a profit. Despite this, the French carmaker has managed to take in more order in the first quarter of 2021 than any other previous year.

Orders aside, the carmaker has also been delivering plenty of customer cars. In total, the French carmaker claims it has delivered over 300 Chiron models since 2017. Additionally, it currently has over 150 orders in the books for the next few years. Since the Chiron has a planned production run of 500 units, it is almost done.

Since the Chiron is nearly sold out, we should look toward what the brand’s future products might be.

What’s next for Bugatti?

An image of a Bugatti Chiron outdoors.
Chiron | Bugatti

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Believe it or not, Bugatti’s future already lives inside of the aforementioned Chiron Pur Sport with its transmission. According to the Wall Street Journal, the carmaker spent over $120 million developing it. Given the size of this investment, each Pur Sport that leaves the factory essentially does so at a loss. However, given the massive investment, this vital component will likely live on in a new generation of aggressive and ultra-expensive hypercars.