Bronco Forums Keep Posting “Fastback” Tops: What’s Up?

Who knew that Bronco tops would be such a point of interest? But it seems that there is a lot of drama over different top configurations popping up on the interweb. Ford doesn’t help at all because they’re being mum now that it keeps missing projected dates for deliveries. However, Bronco forums keep posting different fastback top images that elicit a bunch of conjecture.

Bronco tops appear to be able to make up an entire book if not several volumes

Two-door Bronco prototype with “fastback” top | Bronco6G

The Bronco top details appear to be able to make up an entire book if not several volumes. Confusion reigns as some see the hardtop is standard for the base two-door while the soft top is standard for the four-door Bronco. Others see it the other way around. Still, others fear there is no soft-top option at all for the two-door. It’s all so confusing.

There is also controversy over a white top option, and whether body-color tops can be ordered over black or molded color versions. For this one there is good and bad news. The body-color hardtops for certain trims as well as the coveted white hard top won’t appear until 2022. Who knew there would be so much and-wringing and that this would all be such a hot topic?

A “fastback” soft-top is now making the rounds

Four-door Bronco prototype with “fastback” top | Bronco6G

Now there is even more drama around the latest soft-top sighting. A “fastback” version is now making the rounds. The back of the top angles forward as opposed to being straight with the tailgate like most all of the other images we have gleaned. While Ford mostly runs prototypes with its own bits and pieces, it seems that this particular top is not a factory soft top but an aftermarket product

Word has it that Bestop is producing this fastback version. Yet we don’t see their logo on the top, though being a prototype doesn’t require production specs. In fact, it is usually the norm to help keep things a bit of a mystery. Though, for the most part, the Bronco has been revealed and now the hard work of production takes over. 

We see how swooping up the back gives the Bronco some soul

Two-door Bronco prototype with “fastback” top | Bronco6G

Opinions are mixed on the fastback top visuals. Some are liking it while others, not so much. Part of the charm of off-roaders like Jeep and Bronco are that they’re boxy and simple designs. Adding a stylish top sort of goes against the funkiness of the whole presentation. Still, we can see how swooping up the back gives the Bronco some soul.

The only downside that we can see is from a direct side view. The angle of both the A-pillar and rear of the top is the same. Or exactly the opposite, depending on how you look at it. Anyway, when looking at it you can imagine the two sides extending up to form a peaked teepee sort-of convergence. See it? 

The MotorBiscuit scribes don’t mind it. We are just hanging it out there, that’s all. It’s all in how you look at it. The best part of all is that as a Bronco owner you have lots of options to make it your own personal Bronco.

Two-door Bronco prototype with “fastback” top | Bronco6G

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