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The Ford Bronco has made a significant impact during its brief time on the market. Off-road enthusiasts have flocked to the Bronco, filling order banks and building a long line for delivery. And buyers aren’t skimping on their order sheets. According to one source, Bronco owners spent more on accessories than any other Ford buyers last year.  

Bronco owners spent an average of $1,700 on accessories last year 

A red Ford Bronco on the production line.
Ford Bronco | Ford

Car and Driver reports that the Bronco was the most modified model in Ford’s lineup last year. On average, Bronco buyers spent about $1,700 on OEM Ford accessories to customize their rigs from stock. Reportedly, Ford sold over 1 million individual parts to Bronco and Bronco Sport owners. That’s not even counting the innumerable aftermarket accessory sales that have undoubtedly occurred since the SUV has reached driveways. 

Why add accessories to a Bronco off-roader?

The Ford Bronco and other off-road SUVs tend to attract owners who want to personalize their vehicles. Since the Bronco is more than just a commuter car, it usually ends up with folks who look for personality in their rides. It’s more than just a transportation appliance – it’s a lifestyle SUV. 

Part of the appeal of the Bronco is its utility. Much like the Jeep Wrangler, Ford designed the Bronco with modular functionality in mind. Owners can easily bolt on Ford OEM parts to personalize their Broncos’ functionality to their individual preferences. 

For many, that means adding accessories that add capabilities for outdoor activities. Whether it’s hitting an off-road trail or carrying gear, drivers want their Broncos to fit their lifestyle demands. 

What are the best Ford Bronco accessories?

A black Ford Bronco sits amid red rocks at sunset.
Ford Bronco with Bumper Accessory | Ford

There are dozens of popular Bronco accessories to peruse on Ford’s OEM parts site. Ford itself compiled a list of its top Bronco and Bronco Sport accessories. 

  • Roof racks are a no-brainer for adding exterior cargo capacity. 
  • Winch kits can help pull your Bronco out of off-road obstacles. 
  • Bike racks work with roof racks to carry your two-wheeled transportation.
  • Roof tents provide mobile shelter while you’re on the trail. 
  • Wheels and tires can enhance the look of your rig while improving performance. 
  • Front bumper attachments look tough and add protection. 
  • Side steps can make entrance and exit easier. 
  • Floor mats protect interior carpet from mud and water. 
  • Tow hooks can help you escape when you get stuck. 

Should you always buy OEM accessories?

There’s no hard rule that says you should only buy OEM accessories. However, buying directly from the manufacturer can help ensure proper fitment and easier installation – depending on the make and model. But if you’re on a budget, buying aftermarket accessories can sometimes be a cheaper path. 

That said, most brands strongly recommend using OEM components for maintenance and repairs. It can be especially important if your vehicle has a warranty that you want to keep intact, as aftermarket parts may void your coverage. Fortunately, installing a simple accessory isn’t likely to void a warranty. 


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