Broken $260,000 Ferrari 512 BBi Is in Pieces After Sitting Abandoned for 12 Years

The Ferrari 512 BBi had the misfortune of existing between two legendary models from the brand, the Daytona and the Testarossa. As a result, many enthusiasts don’t know about this ultra-rare Ferrari model.

However, a YouTuber named Ratarossa recently saved one of these supercars after sitting outdoors for over 12 years. Given the value of these cars in 2021, it is worth undergoing a complete restoration. As a result, this ultra-rare model now sits in pieces.

This Ferrari 512 BBi sat “abandoned” for 12 years

An image of a Ferrari 512 BBi parked outside.
Ferrari 512 BBi | Ratarossa via YouTube

This broken Ferrari 512 BBi actually began several months ago. According to Ratarossa, he had spotted the car sitting outside of the previous owner’s house. Unfortunately, the owner was reluctant to sell it, allowing the “abandoned” Ferrari to sit outside and slowly rot away. However, after some persuasion, Ratarossa managed to purchase the car and bring it home.

Despite the abandoned appearance, this Ferrari 512 BBi has covered only 6,420 miles since it was new in the 1980s. Additionally, this particular example is one of 42 cars ever built with right-hand-drive. If that didn’t make it rare enough, Ratarossa found that this is the only right-hand-drive example finished in white. Given this Italian supercar’s rarity, it really brings into question why the previous owner seemingly abandoned it.

Before diving into the restoration, Ratarossa decided to give his Ferrari 512 BBi a complete detail to assess the condition of the paint and bodywork. Thankfully, most of the weathered look was superficial. However, there is still plenty of work to do.

How do you restore a car that’s been abandoned?

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As you can imagine, taking apart a Ferrari 512 BBi is no easy feat. Part of what makes this ultra-rare car special is its engine. In fact, many believe the “BB” in its name stands for Berlinetta Boxer. The boxer portion represents the naturally-aspirated flat-12 engine that lives behind the driver. In terms of power, the total output was rated at 335 hp and 333 lb-ft.

Since only 1,007 Ferrari 512 BBi examples exist, preservation is the name of the game. To this end, Ratarossa decided to take this car apart completely. This means removing the entire rear bodywork, engine, and wheels. Additionally, major components such as the fuel tanks and interior also came out. The purpose is to go over every single detail to make sure that this supercar is roadworthy.

Thankfully, since this Ferrari 512 BBi has such low mileage and no accidents on record, it should clean up very nicely once fully restored.

How much is this Ferrari worth in 2021?

As you might imagine, restoring a Ferrari 512 BBi is far from affordable. However, given the values of these cars in 2021, it is definitely worth it. According to Hagerty, this ultra-rare Ferrari costs between $168,000 to $285,000, depending on the condition. Since Ratarossa has opted to complete most of the work himself, he doesn’t have to worry about expensive labor costs.

However, part of what makes this specific restoration exciting is that Ratarossa plans to keep the car. As a result, all of the time invested will go toward completing a dream, not just a massive payday.