Broken $300,000 Ford GT Gets Split in Half During Crash in Beverly Hills

Driving a 550-hp supercar through a crowded city could easily lead to some serious situations in a split second. That seems to be what happened over the weekend with a Ford GT in Beverly Hills. The supercar managed to split in half after crashing into an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and a BMW X3.

According to Road & Track, at least two people were seriously injured in this crash. However, since a full report of the incident isn’t yet available, we don’t know the details of how this supercar managed to crash in such a horrific way. However, testimony from bystanders gives us plenty of clues.

How did this Ford GT crash in Beverly Hills?

An image of a Ford GT parked outside of a hotel in Beverly Hills.
Ford GT | BTcarspotters via YouTube

This Ford GT crash reportedly occurred this past Saturday evening in LA. According to Road & Track, this accident involved at least three vehicles besides the broken GT. These include a BMW X3 and an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. As of writing, there is no known footage of the crash itself. However, Road & Track managed to speak with a witness who claimed that the crash generated a sound that made them think of a bomb.

The witness reportedly saw 20-ft flames coming from the front end of the Ford GT. Images of the crash obtained by Road & Track clearly show that the front end made it onto the oncoming lanes when the GT split in half. The rear end of the GT remains on the other side of the road, with the BMW X3 directly behind it.

According to Road & Track, one witness claimed that the supercar lost control before crashing. However, it is still unclear how the GT actually split in half. From the images, we can also see that the Alfa Romeo sustained a significant amount of damage. While it is unconfirmed by officials, perhaps this collision split the Ford in half.

One person was ejected as a result of the crash

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Unfortunately, as the Ford GT split in half, at least one passenger was ejected. As of writing, we don’t know exactly whether it was the driver or a passenger. However, Road & Track does report that witnesses saw at least one occupant lying motionless as first responders made it out to the horrific scene. First responders transported at least two people to a nearby hospital with serious injuries.

The witness who saw the crash occur told Road & Track that street racing had become a constant problem on this particular street. As of writing, it is too early to tell if the Ford GT was racing at all. Regardless, for a car to split in half so violently, speed was likely a contributing factor.

Where did this supercar come from?

Several car-spotters managed to snap some videos and images of the Ford GT before the incident. What is most interesting about these sightings is the fact that the supercar had temporary paper plates. As a result, the owner might’ve bought the crashed car shortly before this incident unfolded in Beverly Hills. However, since there is no public information of the owner as of writing, we will have to wait to confirm all of the details.