Broken 2013 Ford Escape Power Steering Is Causing Some Problems

When Ford named its compact SUV the “Escape,” the automaker likely meant it to evoke adventure and paradise. But a long track record of failures may have former customers now viewing the name as a warning. 

Though the 2021 model’s release has thus far gone off (mostly) without a hitch, owners of earlier vehicles are increasingly seeing problems. In particular, the ’13 Ford Escape might be living up to its unlucky number’s reputation. 

The 2013 Ford Escape got off to a bad start

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A few months after its highly anticipated release, the 2013 Ford Escape began seeing customer complaints in droves. Recalls followed soon thereafter. Primary problems included serious issues such as engine fires. 

According to, the engine compartment fuel line was to blame. Some vehicles were seeing their lines split, allowing fuel to leak, a fire hazard. The error forced Ford to make costly replacements, free of charge to owners, and even provide rental cars as needed. 

Although crying “fire” might send consumers running, the issue didn’t frighten many. Despite the complaints, most owners see the Escape’s major problems as affordable fixes, making the SUV a reliable investment. But those who kept their 2013 Escapes for too long began seeing different troubles emerge. 

The 2013 Ford Escape’s power steering loss could spell big trouble for drivers

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Power steering has been in cars since the 1950s, Car and Driver reports. Now standard, it’s easy to forget about — until it fails. 

This simple feature allows drivers to steer the immense weight of a vehicle more easily. Without it, much greater effort is required to navigate. Sharp turns and parking become nearly impossible as response time and control decrease rapidly. So it’s not a problem you’d want to run into on a long trip or busy roads. 

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what some 2013 Ford Escape owners began reporting. shows 22 posts describing the problem, seemingly occurring when the car has racked up around 60,000 miles. The website gives the issue an 8.9 out of 10 on its severity scale, which translates to “Pretty Bad,” and earned the 2013 Escape a stamp that warns to “avoid like the plague.” 

That might seem like an overreaction considering the problem is fixable. Still, the solution can come at a hefty cost. Plus, a loss of power steering can drastically increase your risk of collisions. 

Owners are frustrated by the cost but fear not fixing the issue 

Owners of a 2013 Ford Escape sounded off in the forum, where they shared horror stories of losing their power steering. Though many drivers lost the function in a parking lot or noticed the problem upon starting the vehicle, one commenter reported nearly crashing on the highway thanks to the malfunction.

Though circumstances varied, the complaints had a few things in common: a feeling of frustration and an estimated repair cost of $1,200 to $2,000. Some drivers found success when simply restarting the vehicle, but replacing the steering rack is usually required for absolute peace of mind. Unfortunately for those stuck with that bill, Ford has yet to make a statement or issue a recall for this latest glitch