Bring a Trailer: This Incredibly Rare GMC Suburban Sierra Could Be Yours

If you’ve always wanted a super old-school, rare GMC Suburban, you’re in luck. The Bring a Trailer auction has a 1976 GMC Suburban Sierra for sale. If that name doesn’t even make sense to you – a GMC Suburban? – then that should clue you in as to just how old this rare SUV is. Not only is it old, but it’s in really good condition. This could be your chance to get a pristine, rare 1976 Suburban from back in the days when it was under the GMC name.

A black 1976 GMC Suburban Sierra parked outside.
1976 GMC Suburban Sierra | Bring a Trailer

What’s under the hood of this 1976 GMC Suburban Sierra?

The brown plaid interior of a 1976 GMC Suburban Sierra.
1976 GMC Suburban Sierra | Bring a Trailer

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The 1976 GMC Suburban Sierra has a 350-cubic-inch V8 engine, according to Bring a Trailer. That’s paired with a three-speed manual transmission. It also has 15-inch wheels, a receiver hitch, and power steering.

The exterior is black with white accents. It has chrome bumpers, a roof spoiler, and a roll-down rear window, just like the SUVs of your childhood memories.

The interior of the 1976 GMC Suburban Sierra is something to be seen. It’sdone in saddle vinyl with a plaid design. It has front and rear bench seats. Want Sirius radio? That’ll never happen in this rare Suburban. You won’t even get an FM stereo, though it does have an AM radio.

This rare GMC Suburban is in great shape

A black 1976 GMC Suburban Sierra parked outside.
1976 GMC Suburban Sierra | Bring a Trailer

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Maybe you’re thinking about buying this 1976 GMC Suburban Sierra, but you’re wondering what kind of shape it’s in. It is, after all, a 45-year old SUV. Well, it appears to be in great shape, and that’s in part because it’s only had one owner in all of its years. It’s now being sold by a dealer in New Jersey.

Bidding for the 1976 Suburban on Bring a Trailer began at $12,500. As of November 9, 2021, bidding was up to $18,500, with two days left to continue bidding. That’s more than three times the Suburban’s original price of $5,577.60.

There have been some repairs made

A black 1976 GMC Suburban Sierra parked outside.
1976 GMC Suburban Sierra | Bring a Trailer

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Recently, the brake master cylinder and rear wheel cylinders have been replaced. There are some service records, as well as owner’s manuals, and a clean title. It also appears to have been a rear dent repaired at some point in time. There are also the expected signs of wear and tear, as well as some water damage on the front seat bottoms. In addition, while the odometer shows a little under 24,000 miles, it’s probably rolled over at some point in time, and there’s no way to know exactly how many miles are on this 1976 GMC Suburban Sierra.

If you love classic cars, and especially older Suburbans like this one, you might want to jump at the opportunity to own this rare 1976 Suburban Sierra. Of course, the price is likely higher than it would be under different circumstances, as there is a massive car shortage. That’s making everything more expensive. Yet if this is the SUV you’ve always dreamed about, then you just might want to head over to Bring a Trailer and make a bid while you still can.

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