Bremach: The Mysterious California Car Company No One Knows

Bremach is the mysterious California car company no one knows. It has been selling trucks, design services, and more from its digs in Sandy Valley, Nevada, straddling California and Las Vegas. Its location itself keeps it mysterious as there is nothing around it until you hit Vegas almost 50 miles away. But now it looks like Bremach will be making its move to begin selling SUVs and pickups in 2022.

Bremach didn’t just conjure these new products up. They are coming from Russia. Yes, not since the days of the Lada have Russian vehicles plied the highways and byways of the US. Not that too many found favor here. Still, it is a pretty big leap trying to sell what has always been viewed as inferior trucks and SUVs from Russia.

The pickup and SUV were developed in Russia by UAZ

Bremach Brio pickup | Bremach

Developed in Russia by UAZ the plan is to import the Taos SUV and Brio pickup truck under the Bremach banner. Bremach had a similar arrangement with its Italian counterpart until it went out of business in 2018. Before that, it imported mainly heavy-duty vehicles like dump trucks. 

Since 2018 Bremach has been treading water while it found another company it could saddle with to continue importing product from. It looks like Bremach has found that partner in UAZ. And the UAZ Patriot SUV is the most likely to see exposure in the US. 

Renamed Taos for the US it features a six-speed manual and automatic transmission

UAZ Patriot-basis for the Bremach Taos | Bremach

Renamed Taos for the US it will feature both a six-speed manual and six-speed automatic transmission. The automatic is purchased with a licensing agreement from GM and can be found in the Cadillac SLS and Chevy Colorado, as well as other GM products. Power will come from a 2.7-liter four-banger pumping out 150 hp. The body-on-frame design also features a four-wheel-drive and optional Eaton electronic rear locking differential.

The next part is what might give Bremach a chance at succeeding in the US. As Hyundai and Kia did during their early years, Bremach has a sweet warranty. Its five-year bumper-to-bumper warranty keeps you in the comfy confines of dealership hands for a long time. The 10-year, 120,000-mile powertrain warranty makes it even better. 

The beginning price for a Taos is $26,405 and the Brio starts at $27,882

Bremach Taos | Bremach

Pricing looks enticing as well. The beginning price for a Taos is $26,405 while the Brio comes in starting at $27,882. While the interiors look a bit dated, the exteriors are generic enough that your flag-waving neighbors won’t be flipping you off for driving a Ruskie pickup. 

It also features electronic safety and handling advancements. According to the website, it features an electronic anti-skid, ABS braking, an off-road mode for better traction in the marbles, hill-hold control, traction control, brake assist, and brake stability control. Bluetooth, remote ignition, and heated steering wheels are all part of the package. 

Bremach Class 1 through Class 3 chassis | Bremach

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Bremach is even looking to capitalize on Class1 through Class 3 chassis applications. So, will we be seeing Bremachs soon? It depends on how together its marketing and distributions are, and how reliable these vehicles will be two- or three years out. As we await the influx of Chinese imports there may also be some Russian vehicles waiting in the wings.