Brand-New $350,000 Ferrari F8 Tributo Ends up Destroyed After Six Hours of Ownership

Buying a brand-new Ferrari F8 Tributo takes more than just money. Thanks to long waiting lists, you’ll have to wait years even if you get a chance to buy one of these new Ferraris. That’s exactly what happened to one 43-year-old owner in Germany. However, after waiting over a year for their supercar, the owner destroyed it after just six hours of ownership.

According to CarScoops, the incident took place on a highway during a rainy night in Germany last week. While we have just one photo depicting the accident, it practically tells us everything we need to know. As you might imagine, handling 710-hp in the rain is far from easy.

How do you crash a brand-new Ferrari F8 Tributo?

An image of a crashed Ferrari F8 Tributo out on a street.
Ferrari F8 Tributo | Polizei Hessen

When buying a brand-new Ferrari F8 Tributo, you don’t simply walk into a dealership and purchase whatever is there. Most of the cars you’ll see in showrooms are specifically there as showpieces. You’ll have to create a relationship with your local dealer before you’re even allowed to buy one of the most sought-after models.

If you manage to get an allocation for a Ferrari F8 Tributo, you’ll get to option it exactly to your liking. However, once you select your desired spec, you’ll have to wait upwards of a year before you receive your car. If it’s a very limited car, it could be far longer than that. However, according to CarScoops, that’s exactly what one 43-year-old German owner decided to do.

Last week, the Ferrari F8 Tributo landed in Germany, where the owner took delivery of the Italian supercar. However, six hours after taking delivery, the supercar ended up destroyed after smashing into a concrete barrier. According to CarScoops, it rained heavily the night of the incident. As a result, the F8 proved too much to handle in the rain.

Is this Italian supercar hard to handle?

An image of a silver Ferrari F8 Tributo outdoors.
Ferrari F8 Tributo | Ferrari

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The Ferrari F8 Tributo has a ton of power under its hood. In fact, it houses a 710-hp variation of the 488 Pista’s turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 under its hood. All of that power goes to the rear wheels exclusively via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. In terms of tires, this car comes equipped with Pirelli P Zero rubber on all four corners. As you’d expect, this is a summer tire that prioritizes grip in dry weather scenarios.

According to CarScoops, the Ferrari F8 Tributo lost control as a result of the wet weather. However, we shouldn’t be quick to blame the car’s tires. That’s because the P Zero’s are summer tires built to handle rainy scenarios. Additionally, the F8 has a complex traction control system that can easily keep novice drivers from losing control.

As a result, what we have here is likely a combination of a few things. For starters, the tires might’ve been cold, especially if they’re brand-new tires. Additionally, the owner might’ve had the traction control system turned off. Regardless of the cause, the result isn’t pretty.

What happens to this car now?

An image of a silver Ferrari F8 Tributo outdoors.
Ferrari F8 Tributo | Ferrari

As you’d expect, this Ferrari F8 Tributo isn’t going anywhere for quite a while. Given the damage seen in the photo above, this car is likely totaled and heading toward a scrapyard. If the owner had good insurance, chances are they’ll have to option a brand-new car and begin waiting all over again.