Brabus Turns the Mercedes GT S Up to 11

Source: Brabus

You ever feel like your Mercedes-AMG is too low-cut for your tastes? Like the M-guys have it better, that it’s not edgy or brutal enough? We feel you. Fortunately, so do the lunatics at Brabus.

For years, the company has been making Mercedes and AMG cars more insane, more brash, and more animalistic. Just when Mercedes-AMG thinks its done all it can to offer an elegant, refined, yet powerful enthusiast-oriented car, Brabus comes along to pervert it. And we’re so happy it does, because it’s latest project is a take on the terrific Mercedes-AMG GT S.

Source: Brabus

Originally available from the factory in 503 horsepower spec, the Brabus model — fittingly deemed the 600 — sports 591 ponies. Torque — originally spec’d at 479 pound-feet — is now a gravitational-field-bending 553 pound-feet. Brabus boasts that the top speed is now 201 miles per hour, and zero-to-60 takes a quick 3.6 seconds, all while complying with Europe’s stringent emissions regulations.

Brabus kept with the same 4.0 liter turbocharged V8 found in the stock GT S. Some hefty remapping and tuning shored up its power figures; it now breathes better, too, with a new titanium quad-exhaust that weighs some 40% less than the stock system. But get this: There’s a “Coming Home” mode on it that will bring its roar to a burble so you can stay friendly with your neighbors.

Source: Brabus

Brabus attended to the various aero bits as well. There’s a new front fascia with a splitter and LED running lights; a new diffuser and rear spoiler; new Brabus-branded wheels with a diameter of 20 inches in front and 21 inches in back; new suspension springs also lower the car by just over half an inch. The interior was largely left alone, though Brabus will attend to new aluminum shift paddles, illuminated doorsill plates, and various leather and Alcantara bits and pieces before it rolls out of the shop.

Overall, the appearance of the new GT S is quite restrained. If you’re in the market for something that’s louder visually, the Swiss firm Mansory can probably help you out there; their S63 AMG coupe (986 horsepower, yep) also looks the part. Next to that, the Brabus looks like the Benz for discerning gentlemen who ever once in a while like to open the taps up inside a tunnel.

Source: Brabus

Brabus hasn’t discussed pricing — that’ll probably come at the Frankfurt Motor Show when the GT S makes its debut — but considering the stock GT S starts at nearly $130,000, we’re looking at a minimum of $150,000 for the Brabus model, though many will likely change hands for closer to $200,000 once all is said and done.

And so, Brabus continues its tradition of taking extreme models and making them even more so. It’s gonna be expensive, but for the well-heeled enthusiast who wants that extra edge, well, that’s exactly what Brabus is here for.

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