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When your $140,000 G-Class Mercedes SUV isn’t enough, Brabus is there to upgrade it. But, when you really need something to set you apart, there’s the Brabus XLP, which takes out the back and swaps it for a truck bed. Then, there’s the all-new Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition One of 10 that tacks on every bit of carbon fiber, quilted leather, and more to the pickup-ized XLP.

Who needs a Mercedes G-Wagon truck?

2023 Brabus Rocket
Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition One of 10 | Brabus

Trucks are great, and practical, and they certainly make Home Depot runs easier. But, it’s unlikely that the new $640,000 Brabus truck would ever be used to haul plywood for a DIY kitchen project, even if does fit in the extended bed. But that’s not the point of the new P 900 Rocket Edition. Instead, the Rocket 900 is an exercise in carbon fiber add-ons and LED add-ons, hood scoops, and plastic ducting to turn the G-Wagon into something that would look more at home in a Fast and Furious film.

Nobody would ever say the Mercedes-AMG AMG G63 isn’t a beast. But, Brabus tuns the uber-SUV up to 11 with  P 900 Rocket Edition One of Ten. It gets4-inch “aero disk” forged wheels, which have an interesting added ring of carbon fiber. The exhaust has cutouts, so you can hear all eight of the pistons sparking. Also, the engine cover gets dressed up in red-and-black carbon fiber weave, and Brabus makes sure you can see it all behind a clear engine cover.

Acres of leather and red metal

Brabus P900 Rocket Edition interior
The interior of the p 900 Rocket Edition | Brabus

The interior, however, nearly assaults your eyes with acres of black leather punctuated by red metal accents. The Rocket gets two-tone black-and-red leather in Brabus’ “seashell diamond” pattern. Nearly everything inside the Rocket gets covered in leather, from the seats to the footwells. Since the brand was established in 1977, the leather is embossed with the number 77 on several of the surfaces.

The stock Mercedes COMMAND controller, for example, gets red trim. The Air vents get red trim. Every button and switch, from the power seat switches to the A/C controls gets anodized in red, and set in carbon-fiber trim. It only seats four. The rear bench gets transformed into a pair of bucket seats.

Luckily, there’s only 10

Brabus is only building 10 of these beasts, so you’re unlikely to see one in person. But the easy way to spot one will be by its red “rocket launch” lighting integrated into the carbon front grille. Or from the PowerView hood, which adds a clear window to see the Mercedes-AMG V8’s cover.

A lot of the add-ons, however, will take away from the G-Wagon’s classic off-road ability.

The Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition is all about the numbers

Brabus Rocket 900 badge
The Rocket’s badge | Brabus

Uber SUVs aren’t just about leather, but numbers. The Rocket may not be pretty, but it packs a punch, too, and is based on the world’s fastest gas-powered SUV platform. It will go from 0-100 kph, or 62 miles per hour, in 3.7 seconds, according to Brabus. The Rocket 900 makes 900 horsepower and 921 lb.-ft of torque from a 4.5-liter twin-turbo V8. It has a maximum speed of 174 mph, which could make it the world’s fastest brick.


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