Brabus Makes the 800-Hp G63 AMG Pickup That Mercedes Won’t

The new Mercedes G63 AMG isn’t just more powerful than the outgoing model, it’s better overall. Though the old one did have a certain charm, especially once the custom builds rolled in. Some were a bit much, but others, like the portal-axle version, genuinely improved the G-Class’ capabilities. Then there was the 6-wheeled pickup, which was its own flavor of crazy-awesome. But, with the G-Class Professional not US-legal, the pickup remained a send-off for the old G63. However, Brabus, the tuner behind several boosted Benzes, has brought back the G63 AMG pickup.

From G63 AMG to Brabus 800 Adventure XLP

Let’s start with the engine.

The G63 AMG normally comes with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8, making 577 hp and 627 lb-ft. The Brabus 800 Adventure XLP keeps the basic engine, only swaps out Mercedes’ turbos for 2 of Brabus’. The tuner then fits a new exhaust system and retunes the ECU, Road & Track reports. The result is 800 hp and 737 lb-ft, sent through all 4 wheels via a 9-speed automatic.

Brabus 800 Adventure XLP axle and suspension detail
Brabus 800 Adventure XLP axle and suspension detail | Brabus

The 800 Adventure keeps the standard G63’s 3 locking differentials and 4WD system. However, Brabus adds a custom suspension lift kit and portal axles. Together with the 22” HS wheels and Pirelli Scorpion ATR all-terrain tires, the 800 Adventure has 19.2” of ground clearance. That’s actually more than the G550 4×42. And Car and Driver reports Brabus’s adjustable suspension works with Mercedes’ controls. To further increase the SUV’s off-road capabilities, Brabus installs a custom bulbar with an integrated winch, Motor1 reports.

Brabus 800 Adventure XLP side
Brabus 800 Adventure XLP side | Brabus

But, if drivers do find themselves somewhere even the 800 Adventure can’t reach, they can still reach help. That’s because the SUV comes with a Wingcopter drone that can fly up to 150 mph. It can allegedly carry supplies and has a range of 75 miles. When not in use, it’s stored in the bed.

Brabus 800 Adventure XLP bed
Brabus 800 Adventure XLP bed | Brabus

Speaking of the bed, Brabus didn’t just graft another G-Wagon onto the G63 AMG. The tuning company extended the SUV’s ladder frame, reinforcing it along the way to maintain rigidity. The wheelbase has increased by 20”, and the overall length by 27.1” compared to stock. The bed itself is made of steel and carbon fiber, though payload capacity is unknown.

Interior and custom options

Brabus 800 Adventure XLP grille
Brabus 800 Adventure XLP grille | Brabus

Each Brabus 800 Adventure XLP is fully-customizable. Among the options is a roof luggage rack with integrated LED off-road lights and a carbon-fiber wind deflector.

Inside, the 800 Adventure gets quilted leather seats, with “First Edition” buyers getting a special ‘burned oak’ color. However, because Brabus has its own upholstery shop, later buyers can basically choose whatever upholstery they want.

Brabus 800 Adventure XLP First Edition interior
Brabus 800 Adventure XLP First Edition interior | Brabus

Additionally, the pedals, door latch pins, and paddle shifters are replaced with custom aluminum versions. And finally, the headliner is Alcantara.

Pricing and availability

The Brabus 800 Adventure XLP will officially debut at the March 2020 Geneva Show. As expected, this won’t be a cheap pickup: the “First Edition” will start at the equivalent of $626,500. However, if that seems a little dear, Brabus will also offer a cheaper 700-hp version, which starts at roughly $424,200.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear as of this writing if Brabus will be able to sell this truck in the US. But even if it did, the G63 AMG will actually be, in some ways, a better value.

The G63 AMG is actually faster

2019 Mercedes-AMG G63
2019 Mercedes-AMG G63 | Mercedes

Yes, the Brabus truck has 800 hp. However, it’s actually slower than the stock G63 AMG. Brabus estimates the 800 Adventure will go 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, which the G63 AMG can do in 3.9 seconds.

In addition, because of the higher center of gravity and off-road tires, Brabus actually limits the 800 Adventure to 130 mph. Meanwhile, The Drive reports the standard G63 AMG can go up to 140 mph.

Then again, impractical insanity is a Brabus hallmark.

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