Boys and Their Toys: The 10 Most Male-Owned Car Brands

Some may think that cars are, more or less, a “guy thing.” Despite the fact that there are indeed numerous women who also enjoy shredding tires, tinkering under the hood, and pulling doughnuts in an empty parking lot, the automotive industry is unfortunately still largely a boy’s club — much more so, as some recent numbers suggest, as the vehicles get more upscale. According to research commissioned by MarketWatch and carried out by Edmunds, using the percentage of ownership by gender as a metric, women tend to be far more ‘sensible’ when it comes to purchasing cars. Interestingly, even the most feminine-heavy brands — Mini, Hyundai, Fiat, and Mitsubishi, among others — are still owned dominantly at over 50 percent by men.

Regardless, the most male-owned vehicles fall along the complete opposite side of the spectrum, with brands that sell cars well into six figures, and some approaching seven. “Brands with high male percentage tend to be more performance-oriented,” says Jessica Caldwell, who is a senior analyst for Edmunds. She added: “Women car shoppers tend to be more pragmatic, so the value brands are at the top.”

This is hardly surprising, given that — in an admittedly  stereotypical sense — boys tend to be enamored with high-end cars from a younger age and are generally more open to spending larger amounts on vehicles. One can spend eons discussing gender roles in terms of consumption and economics, but that’s for another time. There are exceptions to those statements of course, but the data, which was derived from about 10 million vehicle registrations, collected by MarketWatch certainly shows that boys indeed love their toys. Here are the ten most male dominated brands as per the information collected by Edmunds.

Tesla Roadsters

10. Tesla

Rounding out the top ten, 83 percent of Tesla’s vehicles are owned by men. This is not too surprisingly, since Tesla also has the scientific and cutting-edge technology chops going for it as well, both of which tend to be more as male interests than female.

Rolls Royce Phantom

9. Rolls Royce

With 84 percent male ownership, Rolls-Royce is the ninth most male-dominated brand, though it ties with the next two placers.

Maserati Quattroporte

8. Maserati

Also with 84 percent male ownership, Maserati is the eighth most masculine-owned auto brands; however, with the launch of the new, more affordable Ghibli sedan, we could be looking at some very different numbers this time next year as Maserati expands its customer footprint.

Ram 1500

7. Ram

Pickup trucks in general are often thought of as being some of the most masculine vehicles on the road, though Ram (FIAT.PK) takes the cake with an 84 percent figure for male ownership. This is likely due to the fact that Ram doesn’t actually offer a full range of cars like its closest competitors do, and therefore the Ram brand attracts a very specific demographic — a largely male one, it seems.

Lotus Exige

6. Lotus 

British road-legal track car builder Lotus claims sixth place, with a male ownership percentage of 86 percent. Lotus’ cars are solely dedicated to performance, from the entry-level Elise up through the mighty Exige and Evora models.

Fisker Karma

5. Fisker 

Now defunct, Fisker’s customer base was made up of 87 percent men. This is slightly surprising, given that the Karma has many traits that female buyers would likely find appealing; frugal fuel consumption, natural materials inside and out, and clean, flowing lines that make the Karma incredibly easy on the eyes — regardless of what gender you identify as.

Aston Martin DB9

4. Aston Martin

Even with the Cygnet city car in its 2013 lineup (it has been formally discontinued), Aston Martin still ranks at number four with a male ownership figure of 88 percent, as the company has only its high-performance grand touring cars in its current production stable.

Ferrari 458 italia

3. Ferrari

Rounding out the top three is Ferrari, as 92 percent rate of ownership is held by guys. Like many other companies on the list, Ferrari makes exclusively high-performance cars, and is therefore of little surprise that the vast majority of owners are men.

McLaren MP12C

2. McLaren

Though its comparatively much smaller than its foe Ferrari, McLaren shares a similar demographic: 93 percent of McLaren owners are men, and like Ferrari, the absence of more practical pedestrian cars in McLaren’s lineup help to explain why 93 out of 100 McLaren’s customers are males.


1. Lamborghini

In first place is Lamborghini, which tied with McLaren with a 93 percent male-ownership rating, solidifying the notion that power and prestige tend to be first and foremost for males with the means to afford such vehicles.