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Bowlus campers might conjure the thought of Airstream, given the jet-age, shiny hull. Despite the similarities, Bowlus is a super-luxury fifth wheel that exceeds Airstream in glamor and price. However, Bowlus is now introducing a cheaper tier of its camper trailers. This new, cheaper Bowlus is called the Bolwus Heritage Edition. While it is still far from cheap, it is over $100,000 cheaper than the next cheapest Bowlus. 

Bowlus camper Heritage Edition parked in the desert
Bowlus Heritage Edition | Bowlus

How much is the Bowlus Heritage Edition camper? 

The Bowlus lineup includes three models: Heritage Edition ($159,000), Terra Firma Edition ($285,000), and the all-electric Volterra Edition ($310,000). Unlike Airstream trailers, Bowlus campers come to a point at the end, making them a bit slipperier during towing. They also have a more distinctive boat-like appearance. 

What’s new for the Bowlus Heritage Editon?

Bowlus Heritage Edition interior
Bowlus Heritage Edition interior | Bowlus

The Heritage Edition distinguishes itself by having a matte finish, as opposed to the highly polished aluminum we are used to. Bowlus calls this a “mill” finish, according to MotorTrend. Not only is this finish cheaper, but it is also, as the name suggests, paying homage to the Bowlus campers of the 1930s. Bowlus will also allow buyers to order their camper in matte black or satin grey for a more modern twist. While that does sound pretty cool, be prepared for everyone you pass to make Darth Vader references. 

Previously, all Bowlus campers were finished with real wood walls. The Heritage’s walls are finished in the interior or the anodized aluminum walls. The Heritage is also missing the skylight and heated floors. However, like all other Bowlus campers, the Heritage still has a dining area and couch that convert to twin beds to sleep four, and the rear bedroom has a King bed. 

Can you upgrade the Heritage Editon? 

Bowlus luxury camper sitting alone in the desert
Bowlus Heritage Edition camper | Bowlus

Bowlus offers multiple packages that add more battery power and tech. The upgraded Power Package I changes the standard 2-kWh to a 4-kWh battery and includes a 2,000W inverter, solar power, solar panels, BlueTooth monitoring, and air conditioning. All of these improvements allow for 4 hours of power off the grid. The Power Package II gives a 6-kWh battery, 3,000W inverter, touchscreen power panel, solar panels, BlueTooth and remote monitoring, remote temperature monitoring, PowerBoost, and air conditioning, doubling the amount of time spent off the grid. 

Bowlus also offers a technology package that can pair with either Power Package. The optional tech package offers a cellular hotspot, Starlink satellite internet, a 5G router, and a backup camera. 

Are Bowlus Campers affordable? 

I guess it depends on who you ask. The $159,000 starting price does not include the Power or technology packages, which both sound pretty useful. These campers are tremendously expensive, but the product seems to back up the price tag if you can swing it.