Boston Whaler’s Newest Boat Is Perfect for Families

Brunswick, the maker of the Boston Whaler, has a new boat to offer consumers, and it appears to be a perfect fit for families of all sizes. The 240 Vantage model offers the right amount of amenities to appeal to all types of people, no matter what activities they do on the water.  

Anglers and water sports enthusiasts will also benefit from some of the available features offered with the Vantage model, as some dealers would show you. Brunswick shows you just what the 240 Whaler can do, as well as the other Vantage boats currently for sale on their site. 

What makes it perfect for families?

The Boston Whaler 240 Vantage, which is dubbed the “Swiss Army Knife of boating” allows you to enjoy everything the water has to offer. A family who wants to catch fish, cruise along the shoreline, hang out with friends, or just enjoy a day playing in the water can do it all from this one boat. 

Brunswick, which constructs boats for many brands, built this one specifically for large groups of people, especially families. With just over 24 feet in length, the Vantage makes conversation easy with comfortable seating found in all areas of the boat, from lounge seats in the bow to foldaway chairs in the aft section. No matter where you gather, there’s a place to connect with one another. 

With any good outing, food is a necessary part of the gathering. Brunswick designed a prep center area in the cockpit as an optional feature for feeding your family or friends who need a snack during a day of play or a day of fishing. There’s even a freshwater sink faucet in case you need it.

What else does the Boston Whaler 240 Vantage offer?

The 240 Vantage has a ladder that allows you to step off and board the boat easily at the bow. You can leave and spend time on a section of a beach, then hop back on to cruise to another spot on the lake or to dock and leave. 

For those who want to use it for fishing, you can opt for items such as an insulated fish box, located in the floor, to keep your catches fresh until you can clean them. You can also store your bait in a livewell on the transom, so you can keep casting out without digging into containers to find something to put on the fishing hook. 

For your fishing poles, Brunswick designed there to be a few holders for them throughout the boat. You can even store them in an enclosed area in the console to keep them safe. 

The Vantage 240 runs on a Mercury Verado V8 engine with Raymarine electronics. This innovative technology offers premium stability, navigation, and propulsion. It has a sporty aesthetic, sleek profile, and a glass windshield integrated into either a hardtop or sun-top, offering clear visibility as well as protection from the sun’s rays. 

The Vantage also comes in 28-foot and 32-foot lengths


Why Are Boston Whalers Such Popular Boats?

Brunswick also offers the 280 and 320 Vantage. The 240 is large enough to hold about 11 people, but the 280 can hold a total of 12 people on the deck and through the cockpit. The largest one, the 320 Vantage, has enough space for about 14 occupants. 

Since the 280 is four feet longer than the 240, it needs a more powerful motor to get around the lake. The 320 is eight feet longer, and it also needs more power than the 240. 

Both of the larger vessels have V8 engines that produce a minimum of 500 hp and a maximum of 800 hp. The 240 Vantage only needs a minimum of 250. Its maximum is 400 hp.

The 240 Vantage offers plenty of amenities for both anglers and watersport aficionados. With its comfortable seating and ample space to gather, this Boston Whaler should be a big hit with families wanting to get away and spend the day together.