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In the world of audio, few brands are more recognizable than Bose. Bose started in 1964 in Massachusetts and quickly got to work at creating some legendary audio systems. Over the years, Bose continued to raise the bar for how good music can sound. In 1983, Bose stepped into the automotive industry with a partnership with Cadillac. This partnership launched a new era of Bose, Bose Automotive. The latest revelation and innovation for Bose Automotive comes in the form of SeatCentric, a whole new way to experience sound inside your car!

Bose has constantly been working to bring high-quality sound to more drivers and passengers. This new technology is just one way to get high-quality sound to everyone.

What does SeatCentric do?

As in-car audio has become more advanced, automakers and audio manufacturers have constantly searched to raise the bar. Your audio system now serves many purposes, such as clearer audio, unique audio cues, and communication. Thus, this is where SeatCentric comes in. 

SeatCentric acts as a way to have a more personalized sound experience in each seat. Thanks to the Bose UltraNearfield speakers placed inside the headrest, each passenger can enjoy the sounds they want. For example, if a driver has a phone call, the music is muted in just the driver’s seat headrest. All other passengers can continue to listen to the music. Additionally, with this new technology, you can also customize the volume on each seat, so one seat can have the music louder. In contrast, another can have the music at a lower volume. 

Bose Aware keeps you attentive to the road ahead

When you have a car equipped with SeatCentric technology, you will love that this system is not just for your music. SeatCentric utilizes Bose Aware, which gives drivers the necessary cues to stay safer on the roads ahead. This system, allows you to take phone calls, but it can also give you the directions from your navigation system and play warning alerts to keep you safer. 

Most importantly, this system brings new clarity to your music

The car audio world was where audiophiles were left unsatisfied for many years. Aside from the highest-end audio systems offered on the most luxurious models, many cars don’t come with the high-end sound some drivers want. The new Bose SeatCentric system will allow drivers to enjoy their music in a whole new way. 

This new system can bring new life, depth, and clarity to your favorite music, thanks to new technology and processing. Firstly, the speakers in the headrest use the TrueSpace signal processing to offer you a surround sound experience unheard of in the car audio world. Additionally, with the inclusion of the new PersonalSpace signal processing, drivers can enjoy an even deeper listening experience as they can carefully craft the sound stage to their liking. Finally, with this system, Bose has also included a new software that will allow you to hear higher quality audio when paired with the other speakers and tweeters throughout the car. This can enable you to listen to the different sound frequencies with more clarity than ever before!

Aside from bringing you an experience that rivals a live concert or a studio listening experience, this new system also offers noise-canceling. Bose’s noise-canceling technology is revered in the headphone industry and implemented this same technology into SeatCentric. Noise-canceling allows you to cancel out the exterior noises like tire noise and wind noise and can also be used to keep the music volume different in the front or rear while still keeping the high-sound fidelity you have come to expect with Bose.

Bose SeatCentric is a game-changer for in-car listening experiences

the bose UltraNearfield speakers that are placed in the headrest and help make the Bose SeatCentric system unique
Bose’s UltraNearfield Speakers | Bose

Bose Automotive is a well-known and highly-regarded brand that drivers have grown to trust. While there may be more bespoke brands available in higher-end automakers, Bose aims to be the choice for more drivers. The new Bose SeatCentric is a shining example of the innovation that Bose can offer. This technology raises the bar by providing a more customized listening experience, allowing drivers to turn the music off in the rear and keep the music playing in the front, and offering drivers more awareness on the road.

Bose is actively developing and refining the SeatCentric technology, but the excitement about what this system can offer is growing. Thanks to this remarkable advancement, someday soon, family trips, rideshares, and everything in between can be more enjoyable with this incredible listening experience. 


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