Bombshell: Is The Fisker Karma Co Just One Big Fake?

In a bombshell revelation, it is being reported that new Karma model prototypes are props and one big fake. That specifications have just been made up and insiders are calling the EV platforms “movie props.” And finally, massive layoffs will take place by May. What’s going on at Karma? 

A confirmed source has been vetted by none other than Jalopnik. Normally, we would not be using them as a source but since Jalop broke the story we’ll go with it. The source has also provided images showing how Karma’s E-Flex platform is just a Revero GT chassis that has been shortened. Also, he provided images of Karma’s “Level 4 Autonomous All-electric E-Flex Van” being a hacked up Ram van. He goes on to say it’s “a spoof” and that the team that put it together “had no clue” how to make it actually work.

Karma EV prototypes are said to be a giant “magic show”

The Karma EV platform welds | Jalopnik

The reason for all of the vaporware is to stage a “magic show” for the Chinese investment group WanXiang Group. Apparently WanXiang cut its Karma development funding from $400 million to $100 million in a first bid to cut ties entirely with Karma. Let’s be clear, the vetted source told this to Jalopnik which is exclusively reporting this news. 

To be fair, the E-Flex EV platform that Karma has been showing has been acknowledged by Karma to be derived from the Revero GT. It announced plans to develop different models around the platform and even sell it to other EV manufacturers. But sources say it is only a Revero platform that has been shortened. 

“Anyone who was worth a shit was laid off, furloughed, or quit.”

Inside of Karma E-Flex van prototype | Jalopnik

There is a single all-electric Revero prototype platform that has been shown. The source says that the specs accompanying the chassis are entirely made up and that no testing has taken place. Ever. Numbers that are given for range “are all made up numbers.” Reasons for not testing anything are that there is limited funding available and that “anyone who was worth a shit to handle testing has been laid off, furloughed, or quit.” Yeah, we’d say that just about covers it.

As for the E-Flex van, the source says it’s just a cut-up Revero GT chassis with a Ram Promaster van body that has been narrowed to fit the chassis. It contains no software to accomplish autonomous driving as has been stated. The accompanying images tell the tale.

Karma says its autonomous van “achieves 320 trillion operations per second of deep learning.”

Karma E-Flex van interior | Jalopnik

What Karma has said is the van is a working demonstrator of the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Pegasus™ autonomous technologies system. That it “achieves 320 trillion operations per second of deep learning.” Inside of the van are supposed to be “two Tensor Core GPUs and two NVIDIA Xavier™ processors.”

Continuing, the press release for the van says, “ The L4 van’s software platform and sensors suite are supported by WeRide, which covers full 360-degree FoV (Field of View) and provides precise, real-time localizations powered by multiple sensors including LiDar, radar, camera, GNSS and INS.” 

When Jalop contacted Karma about the revelations it provided the following:

Fisker Karma

“Our Karma E-Flex Platform project demonstrates Karma’s highly versatile chassis system and offers partners new electric vehicle solutions. For example, our Karma EREV chassis system, the first of these demonstration platforms, can be seen on our current Revero GT product. Additionally, further demonstration platforms represent various battery and motor configurations based on currently available Karma technology; the I-shaped and flat battery packs, dual and quad motor powertrains, and SiC and IGBT inverters demonstrated in Karma’s E-Flex platform project are tested technologies. We are communicating these technologies with various companies who we cannot disclose due to confidentiality; however, they do include various Fortune 500 companies.

“Similarly, our continuing development of the Karma L4 E-Flex Van prototype includes continued collaboration with industry leaders, NVIDIA and WeRide, using NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Pegasus autonomous vehicle computing platform and WeRide’s sensor suite and software platform.

“…we remain confident the GTE will achieve these specifications.”

Karma SC-1

“Moreover, we have recently shared the projected specifications of our Revero GTE; while we cannot yet reveal the details surrounding the technology in the car, we remain confident the GTE will achieve these specifications. We will be releasing further information validating these specifications in coming months.

Karma remains confident in our business strategy and path forward; at this current time we are not planning layoffs.”

We’ll follow up when more information comes out over this bombshell exposé.