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Imagine flying anywhere in the world on your own private Boeing 767 airplane with a full-size bedroom and shower. If you’re John H. Ruiz, you don’t have to imagine. This billionaire Miami attorney owns this incredible private jet, once a commercial aircraft that could seat 216 passengers and fly for 12 hours straight.

Who is John H. Ruiz?

A United Airlines Boeing 767-300 aircraft model departing Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
United Airlines Boeing 767 | Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images

According to Auto Evolution, John H. Ruiz is a multi-billionaire attorney and television personality, entrepreneur, and investor. He was born in Miami Beach, Florida, in 1967 and is the son of Cuban immigrants. His accomplishments as a lawyer are remarkable, and his entrepreneurial ventures have made him incredibly wealthy. Much of his success comes from his wins in major legal cases against pharmaceutical companies and his entrepreneurial pursuits. He also owns the boat manufacturer Cigarette Racing. 

His Boeing 767 purchase is not his first, according to Ben Shirazi, president of VIP Completions, who can’t remember if the latest jet is the fifth or sixth renovation his company has done for Ruiz.

This Boeing 767 gets a complete renovation

The Boeing 767 is the airline manufacturer’s fifth-largest aircraft, and this particular jet was a part of the Qantas fleet before John H. Ruiz purchased it. According to Modern Airliners, the Boeing 767 was Boeing’s first new model out after the 747 and is a twin-engine long-haul plane that has been more recently replaced by the 787 Dreamliner.

Once he took ownership of the aircraft, Ruiz sent it off to VIP Completions for a thorough remodel with the intent of creating his own office building in the sky.

His goal in purchasing and remodeling the aircraft was to create a place where he and his employees could travel the country, get work done, and have meetings with all the conveniences and technology needed to remain productive during travel time. That includes Wi-Fi, conference facilities, all the necessary tech, and of course, places to lounge, relax, and sleep.

One would imagine he keeps his private jet parked at the nearest airport for a hefty fee, but it’s doubtful the billionaire is worried about airport parking fees.

The remodel took a whopping six months and 10 million dollars to complete. 

Taking a look inside this luxury private jet

In its former life, this Boeing 767 Qantas passenger plane seated 216 passengers. The aircraft has a 159-foot-long wide body that will now seat only 33 passengers and sleep 17.

With its commercial passenger days behind it, John H. Ruiz’s acquisition has been completely retrofitted with two luxurious staterooms, a formal dining area, lounges, full bathrooms with showers, two galleys, and a crew lounge.

The color scheme is neutral yet opulent, with a palette of taupes, grays, and white. The materials are soft and elegant, and the sheer amount of space can easily make you forget you are on a plane, that is, until you look out the window. The stateroom features a plush, queen-size bed, built-in large screen television, and plenty of hi-tech controls and gadgets to operate windows, lighting, television, and more. The space is surprisingly roomy, bright, and luxurious. There is an adjacent lavatory with double sinks and a full-size shower. 

A second stateroom has comfortable loungers that convert into beds that can sleep up to six people. The main lounge offers comfortable sofa seating, dining space, an entertainment center with an 80-inch television, tons of built-in storage, and all finished in luxurious leather with custom mood lighting. 

For John H. Ruiz, the jet is simply a means that allows him to remain as productive as possible while traveling. That said, the plane can’t be all business when you consider the onboard cinema, full bar, and DJ station. It’s like a party bus in the sky.

According to the Miami New Times, Ruiz has stated that he does plan to charter his jet for private flights. 


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